Why your kids should understand the act of giving

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Giving is a virtue children should imbibe. However, this virtue can only become a part of them if they see their parents practice and are constantly taught to about giving. It is a New Year and a good time to help children understand why giving should be a part of them.

For Parenting and family life coach, Elizabeth Ajetunmobi, children should be made to understand that giving is a priceless virtue and is better than receiving. The feeling of satisfaction and happiness of knowing that we have genuinely met a need is unmatched. “That gifts they had received from people had also come as a result of giving; hence they should feel the need to give just as they were given.

“Kids need to know that giving takes quite a level of sensitivity on the part of the giver; hence if they had been considered worthy of a gift by a giver, then they should not hesitate to extend the same act to people in genuine need. They should know that giving is not the presence of having plenty but the ability to make people happy by sharing the little they have.”

The award-winning teacher noted that one important thing a child should learn is that giving matters more when it is not necessarily seen as a passive act from the abundance of so many. Giving from little is far more commendable than waiting to gather as many as possible before giving. Giving is not the expectancy of something in return of the favour given to the person, but a simple act of selflessness.

“Fill kids in on the importance of giving without having high expectations of getting something in return because that is false generosity. The right mindset behind giving is showing kindness without having to expect a gesture in return. Giving does not necessarily include showing acts of kindness and love to those you know. Sometimes, the ones we know might not even need so much compared to those who we really do not know. So, show kindness to as many as those who genuinely need it

“We need them to know that giving is not a careless act of display of affluence or prestige but a means to create a loving connection with people. Especially kids who come from a relatively wealthy home, they should know that giving is not a good opportunity to show people how much you have or the extent to which you can part with. It is the ability to recognise the needs of others and make genuine efforts towards meeting their needs in a discreet and less demeaning manner.”

The mum of three noted that in this seemingly unyielding world of today where the concept of caring for others is taken with a pinch of salt and done passively, instilling the acts of generosity in kids might be a herculean task, but would be worthwhile in the long run.

“Talk to them constantly about giving and encourage them to do so from time to time. Most importantly, lead your children by example and let them learn from your personal acts of generosity and watch them emulate from you. Do not forget that this is a perfect way to help your kids imbibe and nurture good habits.”

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