WEF Nigeria celebrates enterprise, power of networking among women

Ogbechie and Olatoye of the event

Recently, the Nigerian delegation to the Women Economic Forum (WEF) was hosted to a meet and greet cocktail by one of their own-Mrs Godrey Ogbechie at the Rainoil headquarters rooftop, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

It was an evening of fun, planning and networking amidst a never-ending stream of cocktails and nibbles, as the women, some of whom were only meeting for the first time, got together to mingle and get to know each other ahead of the 25th Annual WEF Conference holding in New Delhi from April 11-19, 2019.

The delegates took the time to talk about themselves, their businesses, expectations from the conference and their commitment to fostering a better economy upon their return.

Leading the Nigerian delegation to India is Ebun Feludu – principal partner of Plug Media Resourcery. The journey to WEF 2019 began in 2017, when Ebun who is an unrepentant women’s conference junkie, attended the annual WEF conference for the first time in 2017. She spoke about the experience and the invaluable knowledge she gained and how she was able to use that knowledge to upscale her business.

Spurred by her passion and desire to see other women succeed, she decided she was going to do her best to build a bridge between India and Nigeria. Fast-forward to 2019, and that dream is well on its way.

She thanked the women for buying into her vision while also appreciating the efforts of her team at Plug Media Resourcery for working tirelessly over the past three months to bring this vision to life.

Founder and chairperson of WEF, Dr. Harbeen Arora, sent in a pre-taped message which was played sometime during the event. She praised the generosity of Mrs Ogbechie, stating that this show of sisterhood bond was one of the core values of WEF and reiterated the magic that happens when women get together to flex this powerful bond of sisterhood, irrespective of race, colour or age.

She commended Ebun and the Plug Media team for orchestrating and organizing the Nigerian delegation, expressing her excitement at receiving the delegates at the conference in New Delhi India.

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