Three is a crowd

I felt really silly! I had gotten the spotlight moment I had been hoping for, Tunji’s girlfriend had obviously been green with envy and Tunji had obviously been dazzled by my appearance, and instead of basking in the moment, I had run away. I had turned on my heels and fled…with my tail between my legs like a spineless wimp!

“Tosin is going to kill me”. I muttered under my breath as I walked towards the main exit as quickly as my six inch heels would allow. I was vaguely aware of heavy footsteps behind me and then I heard my name just as I stepped into the elevator.

“Adesewa”!It was Tunji, he stepped into the elevator too. He had obviously been walking really fast to catch up with me.“Are you okay”? He asked.I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t okay, I was sad and lonely and I missed having him in my life but I couldn’t speak. First of all, there were other people in the elevator and my silence was playing a very crucial role in holding back the tears that were threatening to fall. I ignored him and as the elevator door opened to reveal the underground parking lot, I started running towards my car. Tunji ran after me.

“Adesewa what is the matter”? He screamed from behind me.The tears were pouring now and I couldn’t let him see them. I couldn’t just let him see them. I got to my car and started fumbling around in my purse for the keys and that was when he caught up with me. He grabbed my arm and turned my face towards his.

“Talk to me please, why are you crying”? He asked in a soft tone.“I miss you”. I said.He groaned out loud in frustration.“Why are you doing this to me? What do you want me to tell Alicia? That I’m dumping her to come back to you? Do you know how devastated and embarrassed I was about the way you unceremoniously dumped me? Contrary to what you think, she was just a friend all along and in the darkest time of my life she was there for me. She was the only one who understood what I was going through. Her ex-boyfriend of many years got married to someone else just two months after telling her he wasn’t ready to settle down. She knew exactly how it felt to have the one person you have shared the best parts of your life with just leave you out in the cold for someone they just met! I cannot do that to her too knowing what I know, she doesn’t deserve that! Besides what is the guarantee that you won’t leave me again and if I left her for no reason that would make me exactly like you!

Tunji’s words hit me like a ton of bricks, not only because they were harsh but also because they were true and I deserved them.“Do you love her’’? I asked him.He sighed.“I loved you and where did that leave me?” He asked with a visible smirk on his face.“Just answer the question Tunji”. I insisted.

“I don’t need love Adesewa. I need a woman who is loyal and who would stand by me and not make me a laughing stock. A woman who would understand that I am in the process of building an empire and cannot always have date nights! A woman who understands that when she is wearing my ring it’s not just an insanely expensive piece of jewelry but a commitment and she cannot break it off simply because she develops cold feet!”

Tunji was angry and I knew he was angry because he was confused, and I knew he was confused because he was still in love with me. I spotted Alicia approaching us, I was leaning against my car and Tunji was facing me which meant Alicia was right behind him and he had no clue she was approaching us. It was only fair that she was aware of his current state of confusion. Tunji was the kind of man who would always try to do “the right thing”, so I decided to nudge him into a confession with Alicia within earshot. “Tunji just answer the question. Do you love her’’? I asked. Knowing now that Alicia was well within earshot.

“Love grows”. Tunji said to me.“That’s not an answer Tunji”. I said.“She’s right Tunji. That’s not an answer”. Alicia said from behind him.
Tunji turned around in shock and from the look on Alicia’s face, I knew my work was done.

“I’ll leave you two alone. Three is a crowd”. I said as I got into my car.The look on Tunji’s face broke my heart but we belonged together and I was determined to help him realise that no matter the cost.

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