There is little that is not in your control as a woman” -Yetunde Williams

Yetunde Williams

Yetunde Williams

If there is something about being a Lagos mum, it is that you are many things at the same time.

You are that elegantly dressed lady in a power cut suit carrying your child’s lunch basket to school, you are a wife, you are a CEO, you are a daughter and have many other relationships breathing down your neck. But the thing is, you are expected to naturally balance and juggle these responsibilities perfectly.

Motherhood brings challenges and LagosMums founded by Yetunde Williams is a community dedicated to helping mothers overcome these challenges by developing connections and bonds.

In this interview with WOR, Yetty as she is fondly called, speaks about the birth of LagosMums and her passion for helping mothers balance their lives.


My name is Yetunde Williams, though i prefer to be called Yetty. I was born and raised in Lagos. I am married to my friend and we have been married for 11 years now. We have two children who make me laugh everyday and make me want to be the best mum to them possible. I love God and my motto is ask whats the worst that would happen?

Beginning of LagosMums

When I started having children I was always researching on one parenting topic or the other. I found a few foreign sites that were rich with information for parents and families. I noticed there was no online resource for mums in Lagos or Nigeria. That was when I decided to create the first blog that was dedicated to parenting as a one-stop resource for everything relating to parenting relevant to the local environment. For example immunization schedules, how to find the right school, the intricacies of hiring and keeping domestic staff, issues surrounding raising children are all addressed via the website and social media handles.

My Passion For Helping Mothers

LagosMums was just a starting point for me, after providing content online for many years now we have started to hold events where LagosMums meet and we get to interact, discuss and encourage one another. Increasinly I have also seen that many women, while focusing on being a mum still have many other hats that they are managing. I believe that we should all live abundant lives and that includes being able to clearly define goals for all the different areas of your life and then have steps and coaching/mentorship to help you achieve.

Giving up

I have never felt like giving up because this is a passion and a cause. I call it passion. When I started there was no initial thought on making revenue from it, I simply did it because I loved to. Now after years of consistently doing what I do, improving myself, breaking barriers and pushing myself in ways I didn’t know possible I am only hungry to do more.

Combining Work and Home Front

On combining work and home, a support system is key! I have a very supportive husband so that really really helps. Then i also have domestic staff that help in the house. I have particular goals as a mum which means that I want to spend quality time with my children. So I wake up earlier to ensure that I am able to wake my children up, we sing while we get ready for school. I make myself very involved in their lives because I know that the time to instill the values that we as parents want is now. Making the time is all about sacrifice based on whats important to you.

Greatest Reward

The feeling of satisfaction when I meet a mum who said that information I shared impacted her positively is a big reward for me. Likewise when I meet a mum who has attended our parenting seminars and gives feedback on how amazing the session was gives me joy. Lastly there is an inner satisfaction from doing what you love to do and doing what God has given you gifts and talents for.

My Advise to Women

Women need to realize that they are the creators of the life, that they want to live. There is very little that is not in your control, especially when you focus more on what you can do versus what you can’t do. I think women should feel empowered and comfortable enough to chase their dreams. As a woman there are many different hats and it critical to learn how to balance everything. Balance will always mean different things to different people and the seasons will always keep that in mind. Your children will not be in diapers forever so the way they need you will always evolve so be ready to evolve with the seasons in your life.

I Am A Woman of Rubies

I know I am fearfully and wonderfully made. My sense of purpose and confidence comes from knowing that God placed me on earth with a mandate and he has a plan specially designed for me. I, therefore, know that I am loved and that God wants me to excel and live an abundant life.. that makes me a woman of rubies.

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