So…I eventually stopped crying. Tunji and I sat on the floor in his living room, staring at each other. He sighed and broke the silence as he struggled to take off his tie.
“You know we have really created a big mess here, right’’? He asked in obvious frustration.

“I know but I am glad it happened now and not after we got married. Do you know how many marriages end up in divorce because the woman discovered herself after marriage”? I asked.

“No madam, I don’t know how many marriages end up in divorce because of that”. He retorted “Don’t try to justify your puerile behavior Adesewa. We have been together since you were eighteen. We did not rush things. You have had almost ten years to discover yourself. How do I know this phase would not rare its ugly head again in ten years when you rediscover yourself?

“So what are you saying? That you don’t want to give us another chance? It’s only fair considering the fact that it was my reputation that was ruined in the whole process and you came off as the victim”. I said tearing up again.

“Madam, are you not aware I have a girlfriend who is obviously going to break up with me after I made her leave the house for you? Why are you being so selfish? Have you considered my family and even yours? We canceled reservations, recalled invites, wrote letters of apology signed by me to people I didn’t even invite myself. All of this was going on while you were recuperating from your self-inflicted freak accident. I did not for once ask you to do any of that dirty work. Now I have finally put it behind me and met a decent girl who has discovered herself and you are talking to me about what is fair!”
He was yelling again and I knew I had another crossed line.

“I’m sorry”. I said trying my best to look contrite. “Look Adesewa…” He was interrupted by his ringing phone. From the look on his face, I knew it was Alicia (his new girlfriend) calling.

He got on his feet and walked away to take the call. I didn’t hear most of it but I heard his final words “I’m on my way babe” he said as he hung up.
The words stung me. I knew it was cue to leave. I packed up my things including my controversial basket of pounded yam and soup.

“Since you already stressed John your innocent cook to make the food for me, you might as well leave it behind. Except of course there is some love potion in it, in which case you can take it to Uncle Chigozie”. He said. I could sense a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

“You are just petty! Did you have to mention Chigozie’s name? You can have little Miss Alice in wonderland pound yam for you when you get to her house and for your information, I made the food myself from scratch. Yes! I can now cook”. He burst into laughter and with that I stormed out of his house. That was when I remembered that I needed a ride and I quickly called myself one.

He offered to drop me off at home but I refused and insisted on waiting for my ride instead. He waited till my ride arrived and then zoomed off to meet his new girlfriend.
I shook my head as I watched his speed off. If only he knew I had just started with him, he would have given up immediately.

My plan was simple….I was going to chase him relentlessly. The way he had chased me and I was going to have a blast doing it! I called my friends on my way home….so much to do, so little time!

To be continued….

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