Age of creative ideas (2)

Good-IdeaFOR so long did the medieval world of Europe, Asia and the Americas lay contentious claims to being the role model of one development or another in the pervasive segments of human settings.

Without much contradiction, Greece prides itself as the harbinger of rudimentary democracy while England contents itself as providing the world with the standardised form of democracy (as well as being the precursor of the industrial revolution).

By and by, democracy birthed representative governance and in the inner heart beat of this inter-human relationship are periodic elections, respect for the rule of law as well as separation of power, systemic tiers of governmental process, ethics of guiding behaviours and sundry dynamics.

Over the ages, each generation dwells in its own defined values along with its contending vices which no human collection can certainly not escape from and it goes to show how power wielders of opposing interest groups willy nilly come to partnership for the overall benefit of the society at large.

However, beneath the abounding subterfuge and pretensions strive the suffocating vices of individual power actors on the one hand and the melodramatics of the environs on the other.

In a similar engaging perspective of the above creative ideas, it can be surmised that not only would virtues triumph over vices no matter how fierce is the battle; and so long as the illuminating power of light unearth the hidden places of darkness so too would the unyielding frontiers of good over evil maul any opposing force along its course.

Though bloody, hard, contentious and arduous may be the task, even at that, the innovative capacity inherent in the creative ideas coupled with its ideal models would supply the needed reinforcements.

Considering the almost unquantifiable souls lost in the struggle for creative ideas during Europe’s very dark era of freeing itself from the clutches of opposing forces and the ultimate good it and the rest of the world subsequently garnered, it is like echoing the thrilling power and benefits of the sun over the weak and dim power of the moon. Concluded.

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