‘Women Are Better Agents Of Good Governance’



WIFE of the President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari recently called for increasing women role in governance. How justifiable is the call against the backdrop of alleged poor record of some women that served in the former administration of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan?
Well, in as much as I am not in any position to defend the activities or performance of women who served in the former administration, I think it would be unfair to them to hastily conclude that they perform poorly when nobody has carried out a performance assessment on them, just as it would amount to a great injustice to single them out for assessment in such a large cabinet made up of both male and female.

It is also very unfair to use one un-substantiated case to deprive the entire women folk their entitlement, just as it is a grave injustice to generalise that women are incapable, even if a case is established. 

From generations to generations, Nigerian women have been noted for high-flying achievements and uncommon record breaking.

Their passion for justice, equity and fairness, with less tendencies for corruption and violence, are un-equaled.

What this translates into is that women are more trusted to deliver on their promises and to excel when given opportunity to serve.

Having said this, what should naturally follow is to give more opportunities to women in both appointive and elective positions.

What I am saying is not a mere hypothesis; it is what has been proven by most women so far given opportunities to occupy public offices, examples of which are many in both our past and cotemporary history.

Even when I don’t want to mention names, I could not resist the temptation to mention the names of the late Dr. Stella Adadevoh and Prof Dora Akunyili, whose achievements remained un-beatable records. 

What is the percentage of women involved in corruption cases, embezzlement and other related misdeeds? They are very negligible!

What I am saying is that when it comes to governance, women are assets.

People need to take a cursory look at a few countries, for instance, where women have been given opportunities to rule, the difference is outstandingly clear.

You are seeking more women in government at a time President Muhammadu Buhari wants to run a lean cabinet. Don’t you think the women folk could be the victim of cut in the cost of governance?
Buhari is a democrat who believes in equity, fairness and justice. So, I have no fear that he would rob Peter (women) to pay Paul (men).

We women have unflinching belief in the President’s working mantra that he belongs to nobody, but he belongs to everybody.

The President is also aware of the position of the United Nations (UN) through the Beijing Affirmative Action that clearly states that women at all levels of government appointments must be equitably represented.

And talking about positive influence by wives of public office holders, this is an area we women are sure the President’s wife and wives of other men in decision making would work on their husband to do justice to women in the appointment of key personnel by this administration.

The combinations of Aisha Buhari and wife of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo, are great pair of strong and focused women who are both coming from a background of service to the Nigerian people.

This was quite evident in their speeches during the dinner. It was quite pleasing to note that the wife of the President strongly advocated for the inclusion of more women in the government of her husband and hopeful that a constitution guarding and protecting the rights of women and children will be enacted during the life of the 8th National Assembly, amongst others.

How could the President’s wife be a unifying agent, especially in this trying period for the ruling All Progressives Party (APC)?
Undoubtedly, Aisha Buhari, notwithstanding the fact that she has said she should not be addressed as the First Lady, is the mother of the nation and in the same token, she is the number one woman in the ruling APC, the natural link between the women folk in the party and the President.

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  • Ikenna P

    In your dream! How has the immediate past Minister of Finance & Coordinating Minister of the Economy as well as her counterpart, the Minister of Petroleum, performed? Terrible! So, Madam, speak for yourself, not necessarily for others.

    • Queen of Sheeba

      That lady Hajia Okunuga is very right tell me the performances of their predecessors in office..the men how did they fare? The day our men stop thinking of their manhood as it relates to women in governance then may be Nigeria will become an economic success ..look at Fani Kayode vs Stella Oduah where is FFK now?

  • algol2000

    Women. Always the ever manipulative and conniving lot. All they are interested in is chop and chop.

  • Eyesofman

    I believed Buhari will not make the same mistake jona made by making a cabinet park full of women and putting them to man the sensitive ministries, I believed they women puts us were we are today. MB will appoint women yes, but not to man the petroleum and finance ministries.

    • Queen of Sheeba

      Only a weak man would be afraid of strong women. A weak man blames and ridicules women . I support Hajia Okunuga women are better in governance men have been complete failures

  • Queen of Sheeba

    How can any one say women are manipulative and corrupt words that best describe the men? Africans continue with the enslavement of their women and dare to claim racism and shout’ black life matter!’ While African women can’t dare to have an ambitions !!

  • Eyesofman

    Can you really say you are proud of the immediate past women ministers in Jonathan’s government?