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‘Why nursing mothers need Reload Multivitamin supplements’

By Editor |   07 January 2016   |   1:11 am  

THE chairperson of the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN), Lagos State chapter, Mrs. Abiola Paul-Ozieh, has called on nursing mothers, especially those working in Lagos to complement daily nutritional requirements with multivitamin supplements as stressful working conditions in the state affect the nutritional quality of their breast milk.

Ozieh made the statement on Wednesday during the Reload Multivitamin promo raffle draw event organised by Pharmacy Plus for retailers at the Protea Hotel Ikeja, Lagos.

She said, while emphasizing the need for compulsory breastfeeding for first two years of birth, that breast fed children may be exposed to health challenges if the nutritional ranges necessary in the breast milk are deficient due to poor feeding and stress.

Ozieh therefore urged breast feeding mothers in Lagos to support their food intake with multivitamin products to enhance the nutritional content of their breast milk.

“It is true that compulsory breast feeding for the first two years of birth is non-negotiable, but we have realized that a nursing woman working in an environment like Lagos, is very often stressed up and poorly fed and cannot provide all the multivitamin ranges in the break milk. So the baby despite the breast milk may not have all the needed nutrients from breast milk and can be prone to similar health challenges of not breast feeding. We are calling on mothers in this situation to take multivitamin supplements to boost the nutrients in their breast milk. This is important because it makes mother and the child healthy,” she added.

Also speaking on the importance of multivitamin supplements to healthy living, the Chief Operating Officer of Pharmacy Plus, marketers of Reload Multivitamin, Mr. Chukwuemeka Obi also called all and sundry to eat healthy highlighting the environment and poor eating habits as the necessitating factors for food supplements intake.

He said: “It has become increasingly impossible to get all daily nutritional requirements from food. This is due to the kind of environment we live in and the poor eating habits….”

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