Wellbeing of the kidneys and prevention of renal diseases


Having described two of the important and common diseases of the kidneys, the stage is now set for a discussion of the prevention of these diseases and how to ensure the wellbeing of the kidneys. As I said in an earlier article, the kidneys are very important organs when it comes to the issue of detoxification of the body. Majorly, in their functions, the kidneys deal with water, its composition, mineral content, pH and the quantity present in the body. Dehydration as we have found out, is the commonly seen cause of kidney diseases. In considering prevention of the diseases of the kidneys therefore it is reasonable to start with prevention of dehydration and the other fallouts such as acidity of the body fluids.

The risk of kidney stone formation is higher in a state of dehydration and this state is reflected in the colour and volume of the urine. When the urine is yellow to dark yellow in colour, it indicates a state of dehydration. Light yellow and almost colourless urine signifies an appropriate level of hydration. To avoid dehydration and a higher risk of kidney stones, one has to drink up to 10 glasses of water. In most cases, to avoid a recurrence of kidney stones, one has to double the daily water requirement. Alkaline water is preferable and as usual Lasena Artesian Natural Mineral Water is my recommendation.

Dehydration is also implicated in the more serious kidney condition known as kidney failure where the functions of the kidneys deteriorate as a result of slow and sluggish flow of the circulation, which is congested, and the acidity of the body fluids. As we may already know, the main cause of dehydration is insufficient consumption of water daily. For the wellbeing of the kidneys and as a preventive measure, we need to drink as much as 8 – 10 glasses of water daily.

Closely following increased consumption of water is regular exercise. Regular exercise, four to five times in a week has a lot of benefits to the body. Those benefits that contribute to the wellbeing of the kidneys and prevention of diseases include the following:
Increase of the rate of the blood circulation, which helps with the fast elimination of acidic wastes and with more water in the circulation filtration of wastes in the kidneys is enhanced.

Exercise strengthens the heart, helps it to function more efficiently and brings the blood pressure to the normal level. Filtration of wastes in the kidneys is done optimally when the blood pressure is at a normal level. Exercise and consumption of adequate quantity of the right kind of water can help to prevent chronic kidney disease.

Exercise also helps in blood sugar regulation. Exercise will ensures that glucose is used up and does not accumulate in the blood. There is also improved sensitivity of insulin, working effectively to transfer glucose from the blood into the cells.

When it comes to diet in relation to the wellbeing of the kidneys and preventive measures against diseases, we have to consider the food types that are risk factors in causing diseases of the kidneys, which must be avoided and those that can cleanse the kidneys, enhance their function and prevent diseases in the kidneys.

1. Diet changes
Being cautious with foods that are rich in oxalate may prevent calcium oxalate, by far the commonest type of stones. Such foods are spinach, celery, asparagus, strawberries, grapes, beans, chocolate etc.

Salt intake should also be reduced to the barest minimum so as to lower the incidence of the calcium based stones.

To prevent uric acid stones, you have to avoid foods that are rich in urates such as organ meat (liver, kidney), fish such as sardines and skin of chicken.

Eat leafy green vegetables rich in magnesium, chlorophyll and fiber. You may also want to eat whole grains, nuts, oats, legumes (beans), brown rice, barley and bananas.

The traditional overcooked and “dead” food that we eat along with the refined, sweetened and carbonated beverages should be avoided. Also, avoid junk; sugar and flour based fast foods.

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