Trinity International College seeks parents’ involvement in child’s development

Chairman, board of governors, Trinity International College, Ogun State,  Samuel Olatunji, has urged parents to be actively involved in the academic, moral and social development of their wards.

Olatunji who spoke at a  forum organised by the school to liaise with the parents of new and existing students on the activities of the college, remarked that while it is important to have a world class learning facilities, robust curriculum and qualified and experienced teachers, the home front is far more important in the overall.

He said to have a well balanced, cultured and responsible students, parents should endeavour to partner schools and monitor their wards academic, social and moral lives, as schools cannot perfectly oversee all in the contemporary world.

He said, “Experts finding reveal that the school, the teacher and the parents are the major factors that influence academic performance of students. Learning infrastructures are important, teachers are more important, but the home front is far more important. Parents have a lot of influence in educational attainment of their children. Their overarching influence cannot be measured.  And so, we urge you to be visible in your child’s total development. Monitor and challenge your children with incentives to do great.

“This is a partnership and you have a role to play. It is a new academic session, and as our tradition, we always pause and reflect on our journey by demanding accountability from every stakeholder.  We have confidence in moral certainty, our values, as institution cannot be compromised. Our curriculum is robust and inclusive to ensure our children go out there balanced and prepared in life. We are reputable for combining academic excellence with spiritual and moral uprightness.”

The College Administrator, Mrs. Titilayo Akintemi, stressed that the development of a total child is not limited to schools alone, parents have roles to play.

“Parenting is not only about paying school fees. It is more than that. We live in a pervasive world; things have changed a great deal. While we do our part in school to ensure wellbeing of this youngsters, parents should partner with us and make their moral wellbeing a priority, especially when they are on holidays.”

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