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The best way to good health in 2018

By Chukwuma Muanya |   11 January 2018   |   6:43 am  

Prof. Oladapo Ashiru

Prof. Oladapo Ashiru is the joint pioneer of In-Vitro Technology (IVF)/Test Tube Baby in Nigeria. He is the Medical Director of Medical Art (MART) Clinic and Detox Centre Maryland, Lagos. The consultant reproductive endocrinologist and professor of anatomy in this exclusive interview with The Guardian recommends the best way to achieve optimal health in 2018, after the over indulgence of the Yuletide. CHUKWUMA MUANYA (Assistant Editor) writes. Excerpts:

What are the effects of festive season’s overindulgence on health and longevity?
Well, most people cannot resist the temptations that come with the yuletide season. In fact, many people approach the holidays with a mind to break all the rules, indulge all their cravings and satisfy all hunger.

So, little surprise that they would have overloaded their digestive system (which is the root of the human body), with too much to deal in the following ways: little or no proper chewing in the mouth to offset an appropriate process of digestion; too many varieties, overwhelming the body’s mechanisms; ingesting of poor quality nutrients as most cooking is not done with quality materials in mind; introduction of all kinds of pathogens, bacterial, fungal, parasitic, viral, into the body and encouraging those already in the residing to thrive.

In trying to remedy all these, the body is overwhelmed, overworked, under-rested in between dealing with all sorts on an almost daily basis in this period. The effect will leads to sluggishness eventually, accumulation of a dangerous toxic load regarding the harmful chemicals released by the processing of our indulgences and by the thriving pathogens in our system.

Many pediatric emergency rooms are busy following the festivities but for most adults with a more mature immune system, we may not entirely breakdown to need the Emergency Room (ER) like children, but we would have been better off with that. These toxins silently destroy our organ systems by encouraging acidity in the body, overpowering and weakening the immune system. The longer our body environment is acidic, the more damage it does to us.

There is the formation of even more oxygen radicals which speed up the aging process, making us ugly and promoting the development of inflammatory mechanisms which then allow progression of many medical conditions like diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, weight control issues, skin problems, hormonal imbalances amongst a lot more.

Some have recommended detoxification as evidenced-based therapy for restoring health after the Yuletide overeating and drinking. Do you agree?
There are so many types of practices called ‘detoxification’ these days, and many are a one size fits all model with poor background knowledge of the physiological mechanisms of the body. So that these detoxification practices end up doing more harm than good. Hence in the bid to rid the body of toxins and enhance rejuvenation, one must research thoroughly what they are doing to their body to attain optimal health.

I recommend medically supervised detoxification in the form of Mayr Therapy, which is a world-renowned, evidence proven treatment that helps reduce toxic load, kill off unwanted microorganism, balance body hormones, regulate physiological processes and enhance rejuvenation of the body while easing the pain, improving already established medical diseases and prolonging life.

Why must we detoxify?
As humans, we are one of the oldest living animals so, needless to say, that by the time we have attained adulthood, our organs have been working non-stop for at least seventeen years. The older we grow, the busier we become, the less attention we pay to our health as we are no longer under parents who ensure we stay healthy. We also live active lives, almost always on the move so; we eat more of junk and commercially prepared meals with empty calories and little nutrients. We now add the blow of the merriment-season indulgences to an already compromised system! The results cannot be too good. In short, our organ systems are overworked, under-rested, undernourished. Undergoing detoxification helps to remedy all these, improve overall health status so that, we are in better shape and position to deal with our everyday living.

To understand the process of detoxification one must consider the body with your car. Most people will send their cars to the mechanic for tune-ups at least once a month or two or after several miles, without fail. The reason is that without such tune-ups, the car may not ride as smoothly or may break down on the road. However, we ultimately forget our bodies. The human body and the organ systems require regular tune-ups as well.

According to Dr. Frank Mayr, proper detoxification will ensure that one does not suffer from virtually all the systemic illness. What we are doing is to subject the body to a thorough body cleansing, regeneration, rejuvenation, and detoxification. There is no one regardless of his or her current health status who will not feel brighter, better and luckier after a period of Mayr therapy.

What are the best ways to detoxify?
As mentioned earlier on, there are several ways to detoxify the body. Fasting in it is a form of detoxification, which is also required for high-level spiritual communication with the Almighty as done by several Fore Runners. There are also many off-the counter products sold for detoxification purposes. However, the best form of detoxification must be a residential program under medical supervision in a medical spa setting

The best way to detoxify is to undergo a medically supervised Mayr Therapy. The therapy entails individualized diet and cleansing therapies in a support system that rejuvenates and replenishes the body for better functioning.

What is the relationship between detoxification and fertility?
Infertility is becoming more rampant worldwide. It stands to reason that as the lifestyle of the human race has evolved to a more stress-inducing, toxin-producing and toxin-accumulating one; we have steadily increasing cases of infertile couples, of course, coupled with so many other scientific explanations like stress, weight problems, other medical diseases and even sometimes unexplained. It is so for equal percentages of males and females. Scientific evidence now backs the improved fertility indices in people who live a healthier life, with good weight control, nutrient-rich balanced diet, regular exercise and efficient management of stress. These are all components of a holistic detoxification programme.

Detoxification has been shown to have a direct positive effect on fertility. The World health organization put together a panel of 50 experts on Reproduction and environmental toxins from various parts of the globe. I was one of those from Africa. We concluded that once a couple is planning conception, the must change their lifestyle. I have from my experience now simplify this that the couple must handle their body the way they would treat their house when expecting an august visitor to stay for a week.

Therefore when we are planning for conception, which comes the above, and residing in the womb for nine months, that body needs to be thoroughly cleaned. It is the safest way to conceive. We now know as a member of the International working committee on Reproductive toxins of FIGO that undergoing preconception detoxification can prevent cases of infertility, miscarriage, eclampsia, low birth weight, gestational diabetes and more.

Where does Mart Detox Clinic come in and what services do they offer?
Mart-Life Detox Clinic is the first and only Modern Mayr detoxification therapy centre in Africa. In Maryland, Ikeja, the heart of Lagos, she offers individualized medically supervised Mayr type Detox to complement treatments of other medical conditions like infertility, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, weight problems, hormonal imbalances, cancer, digestive problems, allergies and immune disturbances amongst others.

Simply put, we have incorporated Mayr-modern-medicine (MMM) therapy from Austria, Bioenergetic medicine from the United Kingdom, and Piroche cosmetics surgery from Italy with advanced hydrotherapy from Germany in an Africa setting to deliver effective and efficient body detoxification, cleansing, regeneration and rejuvenation process with opportunity for self-medication.

Usually, it involves the cleansing of all the body valves, the intestines, the colon, the liver, the lungs, lymphatics and more. Using several states of the art equipment that will clean and activate more than 40 organ systems in the body.

Finally, we always use orthomolecular supplements with detoxification processes. According to Dr. Harald Stossier, one of the early students of Dr. Mayr “Detoxification without orthomolecular supplementation is medical malpractice.” It is for this reason that I will recommend medical detoxification than the various home remedies used for detoxification.

Some recent studies have linked green tea and other detox therapies to liver and kidney problems. How true is this?
There is no problem with green tea as long as it is genuine. Nowadays there are many fake products out so read the label first. Modern Mayr Detox Therapy has been known to heal since the Second World War, and newer breakthroughs in medical science are always incorporated to optimize the patients’ experiences. It enhances liver, kidney and all other organ system functions, not otherwise. It improves physiological processes in the body and fights aging or cancer developing mechanisms. Its significant side effect is weight loss, welcome in most individuals and, as stated earlier, can be made minimal if unwanted.

Any other detox therapies must be scientifically backed up before it can be declared safe. The populace does need to be well informed about what they do their bodies.

Besides detoxification, what other habits do you recommend to Nigerians for optimal health in 2018?
I would recommend sustainable regular exercising and therapeutic spa treatments. These help to release feel-good hormones that are good for our psychological well being and productivity, improve our energy levels without the need for artificial stimulants, keep the body fit, agile and supple, slow down the aging process while improving circulation to all organ systems and reducing stress, for optimal health. These services are available to members of the mart-life fitness and spa club, an extension of Mart-Life Detox clinic.

How can we ensure optimal health in 2018? What should we start doing? What should we stop doing?
For optimal health, we should start by ensuring regular quarterly, biannual or annual Modern Mayr detoxification (depending on the length of each programme, for the longer you detox, the better the results), as a way of servicing our body like we maintain our cars. We should also incorporate regular exercise and spa treatments into our busy lives as a way to de-stress, protect our organs and psychological health and prolong our lives. We should know our food intolerances to protect our bodies from them.

We should not take for granted, the importance of taking time off for a ‘health vacation,’ to allow our body to rest, be cleansed, get returned and rejuvenated to serve us better, that we may age with grace and without a disease. No matter how short the time, a little goes a long way, and it is better than not at all. I wish you a healthy, toxin-free 2018!

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