Spectranet celebrates family in new TVC

AS part of its strategic positioning and commitment to delivering better internet experience, Spectranet 4G LTE commenced a national communication campaign with the single objective of reshaping the experience of the broadbandSpectranet consumer through a unique message of connecting to “what matters to you most”. While speaking on the campaign that involves both social and traditional media, the head of marketing, Mr. Mike Ogor, said it is a celebration of what the modern family should be enjoying online.

Spectranet’s use of television, radio, print and online is a strategic choice of sustaining the rising profile of the brand. It is the first time Spectranet is embarking on the use of television alongside other communications channels. According to him, the brand is on the rise in the market in such a way that there’s need to consistently sustain the conversation with subscribers.

He added, “The new Spectranet campaign, shot with a family scene using the internet to engage the public at home, shop and office, is a statement of how we are evolving to the extent that every family should naturally be experiencing easy use of the internet every day.

“The excitement of the family, from the celebration of the father working from home, the mother consulting on cooking in the kitchen and the children playing games and exchanging pleasantries with friends shows the modern Nigeria family and what Spectranet stands for as a brand for the family and office.

“Beyond the happy faces, the characters also possess a unique attitude of being bold and iconic which are unique features of the brand. Everything seems to come alive as each character is able to connect to what matters and carry out online activities with much-needed internet speed”.

The import of the advert is not just communicating the message of a brand’s essence, but also, it tries to connect with its subscribers emotionally and be seen to identify with those things that give them satisfaction. Recently, the brand changed its logo and expanded the number of base stations to improve the experience of the subscribers.

The Managing Director, Mr. David Venn, said the national campaign of Spectranet is part of its aspiration to be a national brand as well as the number one broadband internet service provider in the country.

He stated that Spectranet is daily investing in both human and infrastructural facilities across the country that will enable consumers to have an exciting experience once they are connected to the Spectranet network.

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