‘Soole to ease transportation challenge in Nigeria’

Chief Marketing Officer, IworldTransit Solutions Limited, Itiola Ikudinakin, said the organisation’s newly introduced indigenous e-hailing and ridesharing platform, Soole remain a ‘perfect answer’ to the daily transport challenges of Nigerians, particularly Lagosians.

Ikudinakin, in a chat with The Guardian, said the organisation saw the need to leverage Nigeria’s fast smart phone and internet penetration to design a sustainable solution that would fit the lifestyle of every Nigerian.

The expectations are that the solution will enable over 10 million Lagosians, whom the organisation said move from one point to the other within the metropolis every day, plan their trips, negotiate fares, ease congestion, reduce car ownership among related needs.

Stressing that the huge gap in the transport sector required smart solution, Ikudinakin lamented that travelling in an urban space like Lagos need to become less stressful.

“We linked our strategy to our culture. We like to bargain and that is what we have introduced. We also considered class and we have a package that fit every class,” Ikudinakin said

She said the organisation listed and trained over 400 members of the Lagos State Taxi Association located in over 287 taxi parks across the state on the use of the App to enable the firm offer e-hailing services that will minimise security challenges. It also offers a solution that can allow users to negotiate prices, while choosing from a range of service class and enjoying ride-sharing option.

“The most organised group of transport operators are the yellow cabs. They have the experience and they are trusted. They reduce security challenges, which is a major concern for e-hailing in Nigeria,” Ikudinakin said.

She insisted that technology has changed the world, and as such, mobility would not be excluded, adding that people deserved to make necessary plans and have access to affordable services at their comfort zone.
“The buying power of Nigerians has dropped and price of vehicles already gone up. The truth is that people could prefer not to have a car because you could possibly be paying for a driver and maintenance. Owning a vehicle as a status may no longer exist very soon,” Ikudinakin said.

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