Skusat unveils winners of CBT contest

As part of measures to aid the understanding of K-12 standard questions and the unique concept of computer-based tests, Langley Torrent, a web based Information and Communication Technology (ICT) firm driving the Skusat programme, has unveiled winners of its 2015 CBT contest.

Skusat is an affinity programme designed to empower youths on advanced testing and scoring applications used by employers in grading prospective employees.

Speaking at the award presentation ceremony, which held in Lagos State recently, Director of Communications/Chief Executive of Langley Torrent, Tosin Okeowo, in a statement made available to The Guardian, reiterated the commitment of the ICT firm towards supporting the dreams of young Nigerians by rewarding excellent performances in its programmes and also designing well-tailored reward initiatives in a bid to empower skilled youths.

According to him, the contest adopted a grading system tagged the ‘APPA Technique’ to check malpractices.

“A deep-dive into the specifics of this grading technique reveals that for every right answer selected before an applicant changes his/her mind to eventually pick a wrong option, a level of mark is awarded. Also, the fact that the programme gave the exclusive advantage of taking the online assessment at the comfort of the homes of every applicant, the ‘APPA technique’ also bestows cognizance to the number of ‘bleak out sessions’ on the device being used to participate in the online assessment.

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