Kaldi Africa inaugurates premier coffee, tea roastery in Lagos 



•As Kenyan envoy, others, laud initiative  

Coffee lovers in the country may begin to refresh their taste buds for a new yummy experience that local beverage market has got to offer. This is as the Kaldi premier roastery shop opens to serve over 300 flavours of freshly brewed coffee and tea.

Kaldi Africa Limited, a joint Nigerian and Kenyan enterprise, will be serving freshly roasted 100 per cent natural coffee and tea from locally produced export quality cocoa and cocoa products.

Meanwhile, Kenyan envoy to Nigeria, Tom Amollo, said that the Kaldi industry has reiterated that improved multilateral trade is possible between the East and West Africa.

Amollo, who spoke at the opening of Kaldi Africa manufacturing outlet, said the enterprise was very strategic for trade and improve image of Nigeria in the comity of nations.

Having toured the new facility, located in the premise of old Nigerian Foundry Industry, in Ilupeju Industrial estate, Lagos, the envoy assured he would bring other African envoys in Nigeria to come and have a feel of fresh coffee and cocoa sourced from Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia.

The opening, held recently, exposed a handful of guests to brewing processes of coffee, with opportunities to taste various flavours on offer.

Public health physician and Managing Director of Kaldi Africa Limited, Dr. Nasra Ali, said the company’s focus was to use African raw materials with the highest possible technology and uncompromised quality in production for the African market.

Unlike the trend of importing the processed coffee and tea product into the country, they are championing the production of freshly roasted, 100 per cent natural coffee; export quality cocoa and tea in Nigeria.

Ali noted that the three of them were actually the basis of most of the beverages that are consumed. “When you are talking about Nigeria cocoa, our focus is really to get the export quality, packaged for the local market.

We find that 90 per cent of Nigeria’s best cocoa is exported and we feel now that it is time for every Nigerian to begin to enjoy the best of what Nigeria has to offer,” she said   Continuing, Ali said: “So that puts coffee in a very important category than it was before. It basically takes it away from a normal beverage to a health drink. It is recommended to drink at least one cup of coffee a day as also with tea and cocoa.

So depending on what your pleasures are and what you prefer you are going to get the health benefits from either or our products.

Are you a coffee drinker? Are you a tea drinker? Are you a cocoa drinker? We are able to meet all those three and provide it in its pure natural form.” Kaldi Africa is a company that has been established in the last six months.

The name Kaldi comes from the background of coffee, discovered in Africa by a young hunt boy called Kaldi and as a result of embracing our history in the coffee and Africa’s gift to the world, which is coffee, the name Kaldi Africa. It is really being proud of the history of coffee and Africa’s gift to the world.

The company is being incorporated in Nigeria and the idea is based on three strong pillars, which is inter-Africa trade- ensuring that we encourage trade between East and West Africa. The second foundation is basically valued added trade- so the company is not focusing on being a trader and selling products but having the value addition by manufacturing in Nigeria.


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