Disorders of prostrate gland (3) diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer

cancerBy the time symptoms of cancer of the prostate appear and become obvious to the patient, the cancer may already have spread beyond the borders of the prostate gland. Cancer of the prostate is a slow growing cancer and to make an early diagnosis, routine test for PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) should be carried out by every man above the age of 50 years. Digital rectal examination should also be routinely done by men at the relevant age. Both examinations are necessary to rule out BPH and prostate cancer.

The appearance of symptoms of BPH should serve as an alarm for prostate cancer. These symptoms include; frequency, urgency (an urge to urinate that cannot be postponed) and urinating frequently at night. Others are, straining to urinate, weak urine stream and dribbling, hesitancy (delay in starting to urinate) and intermittency (the urine stream starts and stops intermittently). Dysuria (pain while urinating) may or may not be present with associated lower abdominal pain from the bladder. Blood in the urine is almost always associated with cancer of the prostate.The CT Scan of the pelvic region is another examination that can confirm the diagnosis.

The age of the man is usually an important consideration before treatment is embarked upon. A man 70 years or above may not be treated because of the slow nature of the cancer. It is considered that he might die of some other cause different from the cancer of the prostate. As I stated above, by the time the symptoms of prostate cancer become obvious the cancer will most likely have spread to other sites in the body. Even with the spread, the new sites become the focus and not the primary prostate cancer which doubles in size every four years. With the cancer still restricted to the gland, alternative treatment has a very high success rate. Even when the cancer has spread to other sites, the best option left to the patient is still alternative medicine. Prostate cancer responds well to nutrition medicine and water therapy and these should be the first option.

Alternative medicine practitioners recognize the following concerning cancers generally: acid wastes accumulate in the body as a result of dehydration which makes the circulation sluggish and slow. The sluggish circulation in turn leads to low oxygen tension in the cells of the body and the pH of the cells and extracellular space is rendered acidic. This environment of low oxygen tension, accumulated acidic wastes and very low pH is very conducive for the development and growth of cancer cells.

These cancer cells are being formed in our bodies on a daily basis.
They do not go on to be transformed into cancer because of our immune system, which is able to neutralize and devour the cancer cells as they are produced. Therefore, for as long as the cells of the immune system outnumber the cancer cells, cancer is never established. However, in a state of dehydration, a state that causes the development of cancer cells, the immune system also becomes suppressed, paving the way for further increase and multiplication of cancer cells.

With this basic knowledge in mind, alternative medicine practitioners seek to do the following: a. rehydrate, b. detoxify, c. build up the immune system and d. increase the intake of oxygen and the output of carbon dioxide.
Prevention of prostate cancer
The treatment of cancer is in its prevention; including prostate cancer. To prevent prostate cancer men need to do the following:
Drink sufficient amount of water daily; 8 to 10 glasses of water and preferably alkaline water. Lasena Mineral Water is the alkaline water of choice today. Change your diet. Avoid too much of cooked [dead] food, refined, processed and preserved food. Begin to eat more of fresh raw vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seeds and nuts.

Supplement your diet. I shall be writing more on diet and supplements next week.
Exercise is very important in preventing and treating cancer. Exercising helps to increase the lymphatic flow and detoxify the body by the increased intake of oxygen and output of carbon dioxide.

Rid your heart [mind] of every toxic emotions. Change your mind set and think positively about life.
Laugh often.
Pray always.

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