Rights group condemns Dambazau’s nomination



A group, the Conference of Nigeria Civil Rights Activists (CNCRA), which alleged that General Abdurahman Dambazau is not an indigene of Kano State, has condemned his nomination by President Muhammadu Buhari as a minister representing Kano in the Federal cabinet.

The group, which cited Section 147 (1&3) of the Nigerian Constitution that stipulates that every state must be represented at the Federal cabinet, said Dambazau’s nomination “is like robbing the people of Kano State what belongs to them.”

In a communiqué released after the group’s national coordinating committee’s meeting in Akure, Ondo State and signed by its convener, Ifeanyi Odilli, the CNCRA urged President Buhari “to uphold his electioneering promises to Nigerians which among others, include complete eradication of corruption.

“We also want to call his attention to his statement “I belong to nobody, I belong to everybody” which means in simple literature, that he does not belong to the corrupt capitalists and that he was to put the interest of every nation that makes up Nigeria before any other interest.”

The CNCRA also expressed disappointment with the statement made by a ministerial nominee from Oyo State, Adebayo Shittu, who while answering a question during his screening by the Senate, said he couldn’t make any comment on Boko Haram because he didn’t want to die.

“To us, he who cannot lay down his life for his nation is not fit to represent that country in any capacity. In view of this, we call President Buhari to protect his good name and integrity by ensuring that the two names mentioned above are not sworn in to the Federal cabinet, particularly Danbazau as we are set to challenge his nomination in a law court”, the group stressed.

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  • Mustapha

    These guys are talking rubish, better look for something reasonable to do.

    • Elegba1965

      You are right ! why should he answer questions on the boko haram owned by Hausa Fulani muslims and kanuris of Borno ?

  • Chim52

    CONTROVERSIES EVERYWHERE . Infact, this a government of never ending controversy. Although I must quickly point out that this is a controversy of infantile magnitude.

  • Anthony Oladeji

    These guys are just talking for talking’s sake maybe to show to their foreign sponsors that they are active.
    If Lt Gen Dambazau is not from Kano State where is he from?
    Also their statement about Adebayo Shuttu is to say the least childish.

  • victor jatau

    Mr. Anthony Oladeji, I totally agree with you. If the general is not from kano, they should tell us where he came from. Since they don’t know where he came from, their condemnation is baseless.

  • Julius Oguntulu

    It is not enough to say Gen Dambazau is not from Kano State, they should tell us where he hails from. This would have validated their claims and made it more relevant otherwise this is just babbling.

    • chochonwaafrica1

      He is not from kano, Abacha is not from kano, IBB is not a Nigerian, Buhari’s pretty wife is not from Nigeria, El Rufai is not from Nig. Bakassa people are indeed from Cameroon. When are they gonna stop !!

  • DanielOsazuwa

    Some idiots should realise that when they are in a hole, that they should stop digging. Deploying a mechanise digger will be the peak of stupidity. Sour losers!!!! Probably Dambazzua is now from Imo State.

    They are all afraid of Gen Dambazzua as Defence Minister. There will no longer be room for their evil nefarious activities. Come next week, our amiable General Dambazzua PhD will be sworn in as Defence Minister. All haters should look for a working transformer to embrace.

    • Yusuf Ibrahim

      Those are fifth columnists, they cannot stop what God has destined

    • Yusuf Ibrahim

      Correct my brother, they no get work to do. Mumu people

  • Yusuf Ibrahim

    Gbam, na soo, toyin