Provost blames decline in teacher quality on poor students’ foundation

The Provost, Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Lagos State, Dr. Omolola Aina Ladele, has said that there is a nexus between poor students’ foundation and the decline in teacher quality.

Ladele told newsmen during the 2016/2017 matriculation of full-time students of National Certificate in Education (NCE) that the poor teacher quality stems from the “basic level of education because when the foundation is not strong, it is difficult to build upon. The input into colleges of education comes from the secondary schools and those from the secondary schools are graduates from the basic level of education.”

She continued, “This is a build up where if the basic level of education is well taken care of, properly funded and quality assurance is guaranteed, then by the time they move to secondary school, they would build upon that. So, by the time they move to tertiary institutions, there is something already for them to build up from.

“Since there is an extent to which we can assess the results, which they bring, we accept these results believing that they are an authentic reflection of capacity, as the output of the student in the classroom should correspond with the result that is presented. But along the way, we find out that there is a possibility that the output of the student is different from what is on the certificate, and we have to teach them some of the things they should have known at the secondary level,” she lamented.

She charged the matriculating students to be diligent and set good goals, stressing that “they should always be careful of the company they keep, as evil communication corrupts good manners.”

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