Nutritionist, others proffer ways to healthy living

Photo; lifestylemedicinealliance

Photo; lifestylemedicinealliance

TO help Nigerians ensure that they live to the good old age in good health, the citizens have been advised to eat the right kind of foods that have adequate nutritional values.

While decrying the poor quality of feeding of the average Nigerian, a nutritionist and food technologist, Mr. Duro Kuteyi, noted that most illnesses are caused by consuming the wrong foods that are not adequate to fight diseases in the body.

Considering the poor nutrition and its effects later in life, the company decided to develop another product that is gluten-free and acceptable to everyone.

Speaking at a media briefing on Hyfiba meal, Kuteyi, who is the managing director of Spectra Industries Limited, noted that in an attempt to correct the nutritional imbalance in feeding, the food firm produced Hyfiba Meal, which is very high in fibre, rich in protein, fortified with vitamins and minerals and fast to cook.

Stating that Hyfiba is a functional, natural food that contains known biologically-active compounds, which when defined in qualitative and quantitative amounts provides clinically-proven and documented health benefits, Kuteyi added that it is an important source in the prevention, management and treatment of chronic diseases of modern age.

Made up of corn and soyabeans, Hyfiba is a unique combination of vitamins and minerals, which help to optimize the release of sustained energy from food, thus making it a specialty among children and adults. It is irresistible and can easily be recognized with its unique taste, colour, smell and appearance.

Also speaking at the briefing, the Managing Director, Olusoga Awonuga, said the press conference was called they to make people understand what they buy (Hyfiba) and its nutritional value.

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