New legal software debuts

Indigenous legal services firm, Grace InfoTech Limited, publishers of LawPavilion, the electronic law reporting application said it has come up with a new product.

The latest product – legal analytics software, which is named “LawPavilion Prime”, the firm said, would be commercially available for their teeming subscribers at the forthcoming annual conference of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA).

Ope Olugasa, the managing director of the firm disclosed this at the weekend in Lagos, during a press briefing to commemorate its 10th year anniversary.

He said: “We had unveiled the prototype of LawPavilion Prime, containing only about 5,000 Supreme Court Judgments sometime last year along with our Judicial Appreciation Awards Ceremony – the Words in Gold Awards, where we recognised and celebrated Justices of the Supreme Court of Nigeria through a compilation of their pronouncements through the years. We went as far back as the very first set of Justices who sat in the hallowed Chambers of the Supreme Court.

“But we felt our subscribers deserved the very best at all times, so we went back to the drawing board and included Court of Appeal judgments into LawPavilion Prime in order to give it the edge over mere electronic law reports. We are pleased to announce that work is now complete on the software for PC and Android versions with iOS version to follow soon. We are poised to deploy this solution commercially at the 2017 NBA Conference.

“Through our patented technology for analytics, we are set to provide Legal Practitioners with over 13,000 reported cases with analytical ratings to ensure that at all times, a LawPavilion subscriber is relying on the best and highest ranked authority on a principle of Law.”

He stated that the LawPavilion Prime remains the most sophisticated product on legal analytics in Nigeria and African legal services market today. With the introduction of Legal Analytics, he said, what they are providing for legal practitioners is not just a compilation of reported cases, but had further highlighted locus classicus on any issue of law inputted into the search engine.

“Also based on the search results, the LawPavilion Prime using a unique algorithm calculates the precedential value of each case and then collates all relevant cases on that issue or principle of Law as pronounced by the courts especially at the appellate levels.

“In fact, LawPavilion Prime is best experienced as mere words do not do sufficient justice to the ingenuity that has gone into creating this new product. It is truly an excellent example of showcasing the growth and development of Nigerian jurisprudence and we are very proud to have raised the bar again in electronic law reporting by introducing analytics into law reports,” Olugasa said, adding that the firm is really looking forward to showcasing the unique product to their subscribers at the NBA Conference 2017.

He further explained that the firm have amazing discounts and loads of freebies for their teeming subscribers at the NBA Conference holding between the 18th and 24th of August 2017 at the Landmark Event Centre, Oniru Lagos.

In addition, the firm have also developed a new Android App called “Know My Rights”. “As a company that invests heavily in research and development, we observed that people are reluctant to consult legal practitioners due to a myriad of factors such as ignorance, perception that legal services are expensive and time-consuming amongst others. But we know that the services of lawyers are indispensable for us to have a sane society where the rule of Law prevails,” he stated, adding that they have also translated the Nigerian Constitution into Pidgin Language.

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