MUZASAF tasks Muslims on zakat obligation

Management team and board of trustees of Muslims Zakat & Sadaqah Foundation during a breakfast Meeting in Lagos.

It is a requisite for wealth purification

A non-governmental charity organisation, Muslims Zakat and Sadaqah Foundation, has stressed the need for all Muslims to meet the yearly zakat obligation as way of wealth purification and crime reduction in the country.

MUZASAF emphasized that it is the responsibilities of every Muslim to care for other Muslims while zakat payment ensures even distribution of wealth, social and community development.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees (BOT) MUZASAF, Sulaiman Adedokun, said: “In the world of uneven distribution of wealth with inequality gap increasing at such an alarming rate, the Creator of that world never left it with such a problem unattended to. Zakat as well as sadaqah therefore represent solutions to a critical slice of the global problems and also provide opportunities to earn greatest favour.

Adedokun added: “Many of us today are unconscious of our status as far as zakat payment is concerned while we worry significantly on many trivial things”.

He enjoined Muslims to fulfill the third pillar of Islam, which is as compulsory as solat. “We are so conversant with solat and very ignorant of zakat. Yet Allah mentioned the two in the Quran like an umbilical cord that one complements the other!.

“These experiences have further reinforced my belief that what you give out is what belongs to you: so zakat and sadaqah are for you and MUZASAF is but a credible platform to create an effective reach to the downtrodden ones who petition Allah daily. This class of people lives a plan designed by Allah and not their making. Your ability to effect both Zakat and Sadaqah is also a privilege and blessing of Allah (Ar- Rahamah) and not yours”.

The Director-General of MUZASAF, Eng. Mutiu Olajobi, said the organiSation has impacted lives of so many Muslims across Nigeria since it started operation in 2013.

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