Muslim youths and winning souls for Allah



The primary duty of all human being is to serve Allah, obey Him and diligently engage in obligatory prayers to the almighty. This should however not be done without making impact on the neighbours, particularly winning their souls for Allah.

Recent survey showed that youths are largely engrossed with worldly affairs and enriching themselves, without much reservation for the hereafter. But scholars insisted that the youths should champion the cause of Islam rather than seeking insatiable pleasures of the world.

Islam was never meant to be an individualistic faith, reserved for the “chosen few”. Muslims have a duty to spread the Deen, and practicing Muslim youth, whether beginners, activists or leaders have a crucial role to play.

The scholars offered some useful tips and advice, which can help youths in this endeavour. This includes making a sincere intention, practice what you preach; use the Qur’an and Seerah (biography of the Prophet) as dawah guides; talk to people as if you really don’t know them; show them Islam is relevant today, right here, right now; emphasize praying five times a day before any other aspect of Islam, among others.

Indeed, All work we do should ideally be for the sake of Allah. That includes the task of bringing someone closer to Allah. That of course means this should not be connected to arrogance, thinking you’re the teacher and everyone else should be lucky you’ve embarked on a crusade to save them. Guidance is from Allah. Make dua and make sincere efforts.

Not practicing what you preach is wrong and you will lose the confidence of anyone, young or old, once they figure you out.

Read and understand those chapters of the Qur’an which talk about how the prophets presented the message of Islam to their people. Read the Seerah (for some good Seerah books) to see especially how the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) brought Islam to so many different people, including young people.

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