New Yoruba newspaper, IROYIN OWURO, out

AT a time many are clamouring for the revival of indigenous languages and other values, a new Yoruba newspaper called IROYIN OWURO has been unveiled.

   With a seasoned librarian/journalist, Asafa Salam, as its editor, the weekly publication hit the newsstand last December.

   According to its publishers, it is a general-news medium with a bias for the socioeconomic and cultural development of the Yoruba and Nigerians in general.

  One of its publishers, Mr. Yinka Alabi, explained that IROYIN OWURO came on stream to fill the gap created by newspapers published in the English Language.

  He said that millions of people who cannot read or write in English or are not in mainstream communities had been more or less isolated.

   “But we want to fill the gap here. We want to report people, events and institutions the way the media published in English do.  We are set for the revival of Yoruba culture and language, but we will report politics, economy, entertainment, sports and business in a factual, up-to-date and inspiring manner,” the publisher said.


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