New TV Commercial revs up reaction, preaches fidelity

etisalatThe new Easy Starter Television Commercial from Etisalat has continued to generate ripples of reactions among Nigerians. Though the idea behind the TVC is principally to sell a product but the manner in which the message meant to deliver that has been packaged, the TVC content has much more.

It is embedded with a moral message of fidelity, as the telecom firm passes his message that those on its platform or new customers now have access to call more with its new product, Easy Starter.

The work is classic just as it is contemporary! To start with the story of the Francis Odega is an instructive lesson in the perseverance, hard work and staying in touch with the reality of the day. The hitherto unsung Nollywood personality has been in the industry for quite a while as one of the pioneers but with little or nothing to show for it. Three years ago, he shot a movie ‘Gerara Here’ yet the story wasn’t too different.

Mother luck however smiled on Odega and his movie when someone innocently cut a clip of the work and put it on social media – youtube in particular and it went viral.  This simple act change the faith of the artist becoming one of the most talked about, a case of the forgotten stone suddenly becoming the head of the corner!
Scanning the environment and Spotting this talent as the lead cast for the commercial takes a lot of guts, professionalism and experience both the on sides of the agency and client.

Yes, Odega is a social currency; the strategic fit goes beyond this. Etisalat as a brand is revered and respected in the data segment of the market and it continues to push the envelope in this area. This aligns so much with the making of the Francis Odega as prod up by the social media.  He has achieved stardom and relevance through data driven on-line or viral media.

From the choice of the music “I no dey denge…”, to the lead cast’s seamless delivery and the setting and the camera angles, all agree in a cohesive manager to form one whole impactful message.  The humour drives home the message without losing the essence of the brand’s new propositions.

Francis homourously dramatizes and brings to life, X3M Ideas’ idea and concepts aimed at giving a fillip to the brand originally launched a couple of years ago. The Star act listed his “heartthrobs” about 6 stated calling them individually, promised and literally signed-off his life and future wealth to “Nkechi, Angelica, Francesca…” giving the impression that it is only “You & Me”.
Of course, the antics were discovered and the star model was given a chase, while this makes the TVC hilarious, it discourages double-dealing and unfaithfulness. If the commercial had ended on the note it stated, it is not likely to have escape the APCON’s guillotine and if it did, it may not be so lucky in the court of public opinion.  Thanks to the agency’s deftness at weaving a socially and commercially acceptable script and also ensuring smooth and flawless delivery.

Amidst the humour and all, in one minute, the commercial delivered sales pitch. “EasyStarter is bigger a N200 recharge, attracts N300 free credit to call an enlarged five “You and Me” numbers”. While N150 on the package also ensures a month’s unlimited connections to 2go, Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook and BlackBerry.  The new brand Odega accentuates the positive use of viral power in the commercial.

Just like Francis ‘Gerara Here’ have been inundated with comments, approvals and encouragements, the new Etisalats TVC  for EasyStarter by X3M Ideas is attracting positive comments, rave reviews in the media offline and online. This might not be unconnected with the fact that all elements of this commercial perfect are in perfect sync to make one unique and impactful whole.

Since the commercial hit the airwaves, it has been a tool of discussion among ladies, as it tends to expose some of the tricks of guys who double date, while for guys, the commercial is one that tends to serve as a reminder to be a loyal partner. A lady was discussing with a guy recently and she said, “I hope you are not like the guy in that Etisalat Easy Starter.”

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