Advertising agencies want professional as information minister



The Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN) has urged the new administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure the appointment of a skilled and experienced marketing communication professional as Minister of Information. In a press statement released by the association’s president, Mr. Kelechi Nwosu noted that the new role of the Ministry of Information is far beyond the traditional role of acting as a catalyst in disseminating information and management of the information machinery of government.

In view of the strategic importance of the information ministry, the ideal minister, he said, should have a track record of brand building and executing high impact communication strategies and frameworks in the interest of the country. Signed by Publicity Secretary of the association, Mr Ikechi Odigbo, the statement said the Minister of Information of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at this stage in the history of the country should be a thoroughbred professional with relevant experience in integrated marketing communication, information strategy and management and brand building in order to put in place and manage a national communication plan and rebranding process in line with best global practices.

“The country has been confronted with several image and brand positioning challenges of recent and critical in complicating the problems has been the absence of brand communication expertise as a strong consideration in the appointment of the heads of the country’s information ministry. But we are happy that the new government rode to power, driven by the campaign slogan of ‘Change’. For us, this change should be extended to the appointments of professionals to manage relevant strategic offices,” the statement said.
He added that today’s information management had become very complicated and that it required a professional with hands-on experience and proven track record in handling complex projects.

“In the global balance of relationships, perception is everything. But we have toyed with managing the complicated communication challenges of the country, using non-professionals that practically spend their tenure learning on the job and employing knee-jerk strategies on a job that demands deliberate strategic long term planning. This has not worked and we believe our new President will extend the mantra of change that brought him into office to the area of working with professionals for the nation’s information management processes.”

Nwosu added that the challenge of rebuilding the confidence of other countries in the world and getting the buy-in of Nigerians in the task of rebuilding the country requires a lot work in the area of perception management and only a professional information manager would be capable of weaving the threads together to ensure that Nigeria regains its pride of place in the global community.

In addition, Nwosu noted that Nigeria as a high value brand needs a team of committed, qualified and retained Integrated Marketing Consultants to work for the minister and the government to effectively position and communicate vision and policies.

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