MADU: Why We Are Backing Kanu

Mr.-Nnamdi-KanuUchenna Madu is a factional Director of Information for the Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB). In this chat with LAWRENCE NJOKU, he spoke on reasons for the agitation.

Why do you think the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu is generating serious protests?

THE arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, which has attracted the highest level of massive demonstration and protest across major cities of Biafra land, is because the people have seen the genuine, selfless commitment and unflinching consistency of Kanu in the pursuit and actualisation of Biafra. Within a few years of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), he has succeeded in rooting the consciousness of Biafra in about 78 countries of the world, which has also unified Igbo Biafrans in Diaspora, the establishment of Radio Biafra (101.1) Fm and Biafra Cable Television, which are on 24 hour operation; are the reasons that formed the people’s love, trust and loyalty to Kanu. Indeed, Kanu is the most celebrated leader of Biafra today because of his uncompromising nature. He is the opposite of Ralph Uwazuruike, who cannot publicly attend any Igbo function or appear in the public for fear of been lynched by angry Igbo.

Why are the MASSOB members protesting now but they did not do so when the leader of the Biafran Zionist Movement (BZM),
Benjamin Onwuka, was arrested and clamped in prison?

Ndigbo may not publicly protest the arrest and detention of Benjamin Onwuka the way we did for Nnamdi Kanu, because Kanu is well grounded in the cause of Ndigbo. He was quickly embraced by Ndigbo immediately they found out that Uwazuruike, whom they held in high esteem, suddenly derailed, by romancing with the former president, Goodluck Jonathans administration, which prompted his open and shameless campaign for continuity of the Goodluck presidency. During Onwuka’s detention, Uwazuruike was the Lord of Biafra agitation worldwide. Only he could give order for demonstration, which he didn’t, because of his ego and selfishness. But since August 2014, he has lost the trust and love owed a leader of Biafra nation. Today, in Igbo land, Uwazuruike cannot be taken serious in anything concerning Biafra. His diminished members are in hiding. We never abandoned Onwuka in Owerri prison. We are still pressing for his release through other legal means.

What other factors fueled this agitation for Biafran?

Other factors that have fuelled our agitation for Biafra are the slavery Nigerian government have subjected Ndigbo to, which includes economical, political, academic, religious, cultural and social slavery. Nigeria is a State, where others are first class citizens, but they treat the Igbo as second class citizens. This is a state, where others are born to rule, but treat the Igbo as perpetual outcasts. This is a state where state policies deliberately deny Igboland critical developmental infrastructure. Nigeria has vowed to continue to be a State where prejudice, tribalism, exclusion and hate are elevated, while nation building is ignored; a state where it seems the only logic for unity is to share oil resources and not on the basis of consent, mutual respect, fraternity and shared brotherhood. Today, in Nigeria, true nationhood has remained stillborn; peace has remained elusive to nation, which has remained in perpetual strife and ever-increasing crisis since her independence. These realities are the reasons the Nigerian State is afraid of Biafra, which represents the truth they cannot legitimately counter. Biafra speaks of the truth Nigeria knows. So, out of weakness and fear, Nigeria resorts to repression, persecution and detention of Biafra agitators.

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