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Limit your daily sugar intake, love your body

By Editor |   09 December 2019   |   10:21 am  

Sugar – it is a craving most of us have. How could we not? It’s sweet and makes basically everything taste better. If you have ever tried to cut back on sugar, you know how difficult it can be. Some people could even experience withdrawal symptoms.

Beware of Hidden Sugar!
Sugar over the years has become part of our diets, considering that most of what we eat on this side of the world contains a high amount of it. So, are we talking about chocolates and candies? “No, it is not my case, I do not fond sweet treat.” Hold on, sometimes, our not-too-sweet food has what is called by “hidden-sugar”. In addition, we are just not aware of how much sugar it contains. Who likes to drink a cold soda in the middle of the day? Well, surprise surprise, a can of soda contains about 80% of your daily limit sugar intake!

Sugar Addiction and Its Risks
When we eat foods high in sugar, the part of our brain that is the “reward center” is activated. And at the same time, a large amount of dopamine is released. This is what makes eating sugar feels so good. Despite of its dopamine-boosting trait, sugar is not very healthy. Let’s first understand why sugar is so bad for us in order to make better choices regarding our diets.

Experts believe that sugar over-consumption is a major cause of obesity and many chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes2. World Health Organization recommends reducing sugar intake at all stages of life to under 10 percent of physical calories to reduce its side effect. They believe a further reduction in free sugar intake to less than five percent of energy (i.e. no more than 4 tablespoons sugar for adults per day) would be sensible3.

Here are some reasons why eating sugar is bad for your health2,3:

  • Rates of obesity are rising worldwide and added sugar is thought to be one of the main culprits
  • High-sugar diets have been associated with an increased risk of many diseases, including heart disease, the number one cause of death worldwide
  • A study in 2,300 teens demonstrated that those who frequently consumed added sugar had a 30% greater risk of developing acne
  • Obesity, which is often caused by consuming too much sugar, is considered the strongest risk factor for diabetes

So, is there an alternative? Can you still enjoy your sweet cravings without the negative side effect? The answer to that is YES!!! And it is Tropicana Slim Sweetener.

Tropicana Slim, a household name in the sweetener industry has been in existence for over 40 years, providing families with healthy and tasty alternatives to sugar. They believe that families can still enjoy their cravings for a sweet taste without having to worry about health complications. Which is why over many years, they have formulated different sweeteners, with natural ingredients and benefits to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Tropicana Slim, through continuous research, have brought out the Tropicana Slim Sweetener, to fit into different people’s flavour and health preferences. This natural sweetener is safe for consumption and is a great alternative to sugar in order to avoid obesity and diabetes complications.

Tropicana Slim offers low-calorie and zero-calorie sweeteners as a palatable alternative to table sugars or sucrose. The sweet taste of Tropicana Slim Sweetener is extracted from natural ingredients, such as corn starch and stevia leaves (stevia rebaudiana). Tropicana Slim Low-Calorie Sweetener contains chromium to help maintain blood glucose level; thus, it is suitable for people who suffer from diabetes. For those who have a preference on weight control can go ahead with Tropicana Slim Zero Calorie Sweetener.

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