Lagos PDP wants Faleke to resign from House of Reps



THE Lagos State chapter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has given a seven-day ultimatum commencing from today, to the lawmaker representing Ikeja Federal constituency, James Faleke, who is now the deputy governor-elect of Kogi State, to declare his present place of voter’s registration or vacate his seat in the House.

The party also urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to clear the air on the suitability of Faleke’s alleged inter-changing of polling units within six months, as it also called on the House of Representatives to exhibit non-partisanship in the matter by making public its stance on the proprietary or otherwise of Faleke’s continued membership of the House as a representative of Lagos after transferring his voter’s card and constituency to Kogi State.

In a statement yesterday, the chairman of the Lagos PDP, Chief Tunji Shelle accused Faleke, the All Progressive Congress (APC) and INEC of desperation, political immorality and gross violation of the spirits of electoral laws.

Shelle described the present status of Faleke in the House as that of a usurper, currently representing a federal constituency in Lagos in the House and at the same time enmeshed in the Kogi State deputy governorship issues.

According to PDP, “It is no longer appropriate for Faleke to continue to parade himself as a lawmaker representing Lagos as he is no longer fit and proper to be called an honourable.

The PDP vowed that: “if the demand is not met within the period of this ultimatum, we shall use all means permitted and effective to reclaim the seat for Lagos State from Faleke and the APC.”

The PDP further posited that the continuous membership of Faleke in the House “is an indictment on the fairness, adherence to constitutionalism and the non partisanship of the House leadership. The House leadership led by the Speaker, Yakubu Dogara should not allow this contraption to stand.”

The party added that it expected the House Committee on Ethics to publicly lend clarity on the matter, saying: “This is political, moral and legal stains on the House. Faleke should not continue to represent the Ikeja constituency because he presently has his voting unit relocated to Kogi State. This is open assault to decent democracy and ridicules the nation before the international community. He continues to stay in the House as a usurper and we think the House leadership ought to purge itself of any conspiracy in this political and constitutional violations.”

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  • Omooba

    Iam on the same page with you Tunji on issue raised. Very valid and logical except for the legal perspective which falls within the purview of the supreme court. It’s worth trying just that it could take a while given our judicial system with long adjournments and heirarchy of courts from high court hearing to the apex court ruling. Just like waiting for a crab to blink.

  • zikascom

    He says he doesn’t want to be DEPUTY NA BY FORCE,Meanwhile….

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