Keep Counting And Make Your Life Count!



YOU are a rare breed! One with divine ability to call-into-being success, prosperity, beauty, excellence, abundance and ebullience, you can set at large the champion within you and crown your life with glory.

I could do with you to see through that you are the most important living person in this century and you have being commissioned to carry to successful completion your purpose for being and release your full-scale potential.

You can do the works, you can turn arsy-varsy circumstances into comfortable circumstances, you can organize and systemize topsy-turvy situations to bring to an end the dipsy-doodle, cock-a-doodle-doo and hanky-panky related situations that run against the tide, you can give lives a neoteric meaning, make lives better and make the whole world a better place; if you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.

All you need and will ever need in its entirety is inside you; if you can live and look inside you, you will get wise to the fact that you have what it takes to bring all-in-all to happy issue! You can make it; believe in yourself.

You can be elegant and exact in living your dreams like a lapis lazuli in lapidary style. You can live your dreams in such a way it will be chef d’oeuvre, magnum opus, tour de force, object d’art, piece de resistance and masterpiece of onyx that will fill the bill of ornaments which people can acquire to adorn the raving beauty of their dreams and be shining examples. Let the be-all and end-all of ranks-and-files, various person of mark in your province see through your creativity, ingenuity and originality.

Never in all your born days give up, in all instances keep your head up and your chest up. You can not afford to give-up, you have come too far to give-up, you must fulfill your dreams and aspirations, you must feel alive and live in view of the fact that many are looking up to you to live.
It does not matter the call to confrontations, see them as a spring board that is taking you to a higher destination where you live your live in your own apropos your God’s given destiny. Many successful journeys to the higher life started this way! There are raw gold and unpolished diamond inside you which you must purify, refine and polish to make the next generation precious, beautiful and push them forward and upward to make the success journey a continuous accomplishment; you must make your life count! Let your life count.

Anyaele Sam Chiyson, a Writer, Computer Scientist, Leadership expert, Marriage Counselor, Business Consultant; an Electrical/Electronics engineer, Info-&-Entrepreneur is the Founder/CEO of Chiysonovelty International & Head of Operations – Before40 Youth Empowerment Foundation for better Citizenship.

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