Kareem Olawale (20) diagnosed of Leukemia (blood cancer), begs for assistance

Leukemia victimKAREEM Olawale born on October 29th 1994 in Lagos and the first of three children (and the only male) has appealed to kind-hearted Nigerians for help.

His pathetic story goes thus: “I have been living a normal and smooth life from birth as a fit and stable individual until September 2013 when I fell sick. Thinking it was ordinary malaria, I went to the hospital but was later sent to do blood film test, which indicated that I was suffering from Leukemia.

“I was subsequently admitted into LUTH (Lagos State University Teaching Hospital), Idi Araba, Surulere, Lagos, a day to my birthday, which was October 28, 2013. Treatment started and I was duly advised to travel out to South Africa for a bone marrow transplant but due to financial constraints my family and I have been unable to afford the money involved. In the interim, I resorted to chemotherapy treatment, which I have been taking since January 2, 2014 till April 2015. This has consumed nothing less N5 million.

“Since May 11, 2015, I broke down into relapses of born marrow (which means the cancer has shot up again in the marrow). Now there is a terrible breakdown in my system, which has affected my blood platelet, white blood cell, red blood cell and now I am on admission where my sickness is being managed to keep me up a little pending the time the transplant is carried out.

“I am through this medium crying out to caring and merciful Nigerians to help me. My doctor said I would need N10 million for the bone marrow transplant in either India or South Africa.

“At the moment my parents have no kobo to help me. But I firmly believe that God can speak silently to kind-hearted Nigerians and non-Nigerians to help save my life.

“Please help me raise the amount to enable me do the transplant. If I can get 10,000 people to help me with a thousand Naira each (N1,000) that will enable me get the N10milllion. If God places in your heart to do more the same merciful and compassionate God shall bless you abundantly.

“I am currently on admission in Good Tiding Hospital, a private one at Surulere, Lagos.

“Mine is not a 419 case or a scam. Those who doubt my case can come, check and confirm.

“My contact details are as follows: Kareem Olawale +2348089415297

“My mother is Mrs. Kareem +2348023330350 and father is Mr. Kareem: +2348033112915

“My Account name: Kareem Olawale GTB Account number: 0171294409.”

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