KAI clamps down on illegal street traders

KAI officials at work

KAI officials at work

IN a renewed effort to checkmate the surging street trading in Lagos, men of the Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) have clampdown on illegal street traders in Lagos Island Central Business District (CBD).
The exercise was carried out to clear major streets like Broad Street, Marina, Martin Street, Tinubu Square and Bread Fruits Street among others of illegal trading, which is causing environmental nuisance.
It would be recalled that street trading, for some months now, has begun to return even in the streets, which were no-go areas prior to the election-campaign era.
The operation, which was led by the head of KAI, south command operation, Segun Oshifeso, started in the early hours of Tuesday, beginning from Lenventis Busstop in Lagos Island. The demolition of illegal stalls moved on to other areas on Broad Street, Marina, Martins Street, Tinubu Square, Breadfruits Street, among others.
The operation created free movement for motorists and workers in companies located in the area as the KAI Brigade embarked on the demolition of the shanties, kiosks and removed planks which were used by the traders to cover the drainage alignment.
KAI administrator, Deji Badejo disclosed that they (KAI) have adopted a new strategy in their operation, saying that instead of confronting the traders and confiscating their wares when they have settled down for business for the day, we have decided to be storming their place of business early in the morning even before their arrival to remove their kiosks, tables and other tangible things they use in doing their business. We no longer confiscate their stocks.
Motorists and pedestrians in the cleared areas expressed joy and appreciation over the new approach and urged the Brigade to sustain their efforts to ensure the traders do not return to the place as they always do.

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  • amador kester

    Please Leave the poor,, hapless people alone to earn their living.They were not the ones that looted this economy but they are the victims of a failed system …and other national idiosyncracies like your bravado.Please simply draw lines on the street sides to demarcate the limits of their encroachment and ensure free flow of traffic and enough of these diversions