How good family virtues can foster national development

Muslim-womenThe onus of developing an enviable national integrity does not only fall on the government or public officials, but the larger portion of the duty depends on individuals and good family virtues.

Indeed, some scholars believed that poor family background was a key factor in the lives of corrupt public officials that nearly cracked the integrity of the nation in recent times, hence the need for parents to give utmost priority the child rearing.

A Friday sermon recently delivered in Lagos by a reputable Islamic scholar Alhaji Animashaun, emphasised the need to make our family members to realise the importance for hard-work and have the courage to explore and do legitimate business ventures.

According to him, the skill and training should also be regarded as knowledge as part of education to be given to the family, as this is in line with the teaching of Islam.

Apart from the aforementioned roles, he said promoting the women’s political rights can also be seen as a factor that can make our community developed, adding that women in Islam have major contributions to nation building as this could be seen in the Umar ibn Khathob’s administration.

Moreover, he noted that the act of promoting the basic rights of our children and building relationship and sense of belonging to enhance the well-being of the community in terms of social network and sense of belonging to the community is also a role and a factor that could contribute to community development.

He therefore quoted Ali bin Abi Thalib as saying: “In the field of education, we have to educate our children, both male and female, to the maximum that we can give them in order to prepare them for their life in the future. Their life in the future would be different from what we are going through and have experienced during our time. What we have been taught and the method used would have been upgraded for them and may no longer be suitable for them.”

It is therefore very important to understand that there is relationship between an individual and the community likewise the position of the family in the community is also just as significant.

In order for a community to be strengthened and in prosperity, it is necessary to develop and upgrade the potential of each family unit in every sector, such as to educate the family on our religion, health, education, economic, politics and the like.

The Chief Iman, Al-Ameen Central Mosque, Jamiu Salisu Ololade said, regardless of what gender we belong, we all have an important role to play in the development of our society and contribute to the betterment of the society by spending as much time, wealth and knowledge as we can.

Ololade, who is also the President, Papa Ajao Muslim Assembly (PAMAS) stressed that the father and mother should be united in the training of children so as build a single righteous and ethical character line in them.

Oh Muslims, we cannot live a life without being attached to our family and having a family. There is no individual who can be independent without having any relationship with others. An individual life would be meaningless if he has no social ties. Likewise the development of a community can only materialise with the efforts of each individual working together with one another. Allah stated in Q9:71

The relationship between the individual and the community is something that is acknowledge in Islam. In fact in the teachings of Islam, an individual cannot separate himself from the community.

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