Understanding Cancer From The Spiritual Perspective II

cancerCANCER occurs when cells in the body become abnormal and divide without control or when the cells have lost the normal signal to stop reproducing. Therefore, cancer is a disease that starts from a cell, which is the basic unit of any living organism.

The exact reason why the cells in the body become cancerous can only be understood if we first of all look at the cells that the human body is composed of.

Basically, the cells contain the cytoplasm (a jelly-like substance that contains numerous components) and the nucleus.

Inside the nucleus are the chromosomes, each of which is made up of thousands of genes, and each gene consists of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) molecules that, like the computer, store within themselves the genetic information or the hereditary factors or the information relating to the whole physical structure of the body, e.g. the shape of the eyes, the colour of the skin, etc. Even all the experiences of a particular organism’s ancestors are encoded in the gene.

The human physical body is believed to be made up of about 140 trillion cells (derived from zygotes after 48 successive divisions) and it has been estimated that there are millions of metabolic processes and chemical reactions that occur every seconds within the cells of the body.

Research has shown that a normal cell in the body follows an orderly path of growth, division and death. In the laboratory, a cultured human cell, free from all the bodily interferences, is said to be capable of dividing up to 50 times before it finally dies.

Under normal circumstances, all the life-sustaining activities that go on inside the cells do not just happen haphazardly, but they all occur in an orderly and controlled manner, with a pin-point accuracy and perfection. Until now, the precise ways in which the body instructs the cells to stop reproducing itself or the force behind the functions and activities of the cells or what makes cells divide uncontrollably are not known to many scientists.

Apart from the components mentioned above, Herbert Vollmann, in his book, A GATE OPENS (1985), published by Stiftung Gralsbotschaft Publishing Co., Stuttgart, Germany, noted: “…there are yet other components of the cell, which are not visible to the physical eye.

To these belong for instance minute spirit- particles, which stream from spiritual power-centres lying far above the Paradise of men right down to us into the World of Gross Matter, where they give rise to the formation of elementary particles and atoms.

“They, of course, are also to be found in the cell molecules, which are composed of atoms, and they have contact with the spiritual radiation of the human spirit incarnated in the physical body.

For these reason they deserve special attention in the investigation into the cause of cancer.” Today, it is known that all forms of life here on earth (from the simplest to the most complex form in their various stages of growth and development) have their prototypes in the world of medium gross matter, which some people call the Astral Plane.

It is also known that the developments of all forms of life here on earth proceed and are directed and controlled from this plane by the Substantiate Beings (Nature Beings), who are diligently at work in this World of Medium Gross Matter.

The DNA molecules, which control and regulate almost all the cellular activities through radiation process, serve as the connecting-link (the mediator or the bridge) for establishing and maintaining contact between life here on earth and in the Astral World.

Therefore, under normal circumstances (i.e. without any interference either systemic or environmental in the activities and functions), each cell divides or multiplies in a controlled and orderly manner.

However, if there are interferences in whatever form, e.g. through long-term (chronic) irritations of the cells from polluted blood, exposures to carcinogens or harmful radiations, some viral infections, etc, the normal cellular structures, functions and characteristics can be drastically altered, damaging the highly sensitive chromosomes (with their genes and DNAs).

When this happens, the cell may become abnormal and can no longer receive the right information (cellular control through a radiation process) from the Substantiate Beings through the DNA.

The loss of information or the disconnection from the cellular, radiation-control process from the Substantiate Beings in the World of Medium Gross Matter may lead to faulty regulation and abnormal functions or cell mutation.

These abnormal, damaged or mutated cells are no longer receptive to the normal signal or the instructions to stop dividing or reproducing themselves.

If these “mutated” or abnormal cells are left unchecked primarily by the liver, they may become rebellious and continue to divide and multiply unrestrainedly and thus forming cancerous growth centres in any part of body- brain, breast, cervix, womb, prostate, liver, kidneys, etc.

The liver has been described as the “Balance Wheel of Life,” the “Living Laboratory” and the “Regulator of the Health of the Physical Body,” because its primary role is to keep the blood free of toxins or poisons. The liver will filter out and destroy any harmful or cell-irritating substance that may enter the blood stream.

It, therefore, helps in protecting every single cell in the body from damage. Most importantly, a healthy liver working at its full functioning capacity will promptly destroy mutated or abnormal cells as soon as they are formed in any part of the body.

It is now known that due to several factors, many cells in the body become cancerous daily in an average person and the so-called “genetic mistake” or the DNA damage appears to occur more when the cells are rapidly dividing, e.g. in foetus, infants, children, as well as in puberty, adolescence. But these abnormal (malignant) cells are promptly destroyed and eliminated by the liver as soon as they first show signs of abnormality.

Studies have shown that even in those cases where few abnormal cells initially elude the “watchful eyes” of the liver (due to stress or overwork) and allow the establishment of cancerous growth centres in body, as soon as the liver is able to re-establish full control of itself, those centres are effectively destroyed and eliminated.

In Questions and Answers (1924 to 1937), published by Alexander Bernhardt Publishing Co, Abd-ru-Shin says: “Any cancerous growth is conditioned by the incapacity and insufficient activity of the liver! This must be borne in mind.

“A healthy liver with a really normal activity does not allow any kind of cancer to develop.” Dr. A. Vogel, in his book, Der kleine Doktor (The Little Doctor), 1973 Edition, published privately in Teuffen, Switzerland, wrote: “The liver is the most important barrier in the fight against cancer. As long as this miraculous laboratory is functioning well, cancerous degeneration of the cells cannot take place.

“Since the liver thereby occupies a key position in the fight against cancer, we should seek to maintain it for ourselves as an efficient barrier because, as has been stated before, cancer will then be given no opportunity to develop.”

So far, the entire research efforts concentrate mainly on finding out the so-called carcinogens, i.e. cancer-causing substances. Today, there are hundreds of known carcinogens.

However, many alternative health-care providers believe that these carcinogens are not the actual causes of cancer. Leon Chaitow, in his book, An End of Cancer?  – A Nutritional Approach to Its Prevention and Control (Thorson Publishers Ltd, 1978), noted: “These substances can be regarded as the “final straw” or the last link in a chain, which leads to cancer.

“They are not ‘causes’ in the absolute sense, since in millions of cases individuals do not respond to them by producing cancerous changes.” To be continued

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