Superior Pharmaceuticals fetes Nigerians on World Malaria Day

Malaria treatment

To combat human and economic devastation in whole communities by malaria in the country, Superior Pharmaceuticals is set to reach about 20 million citizens nationwide and provide free drugs to roll back the disease.

From now till the end April 30th 2018, the company planned to provide Nigerians with free malaria drugs to mark this year World Malaria Day.In a release signed by President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Ike Okeke, Superior Pharmaceuticals is currently in partnership with Bond FM to reach out to Nigerians to get tested and obtain free drugs to combat the disease.

According to him, Malaria is the most significant drain on the country’s Gross domestic Products (GDP) and a major cause of death to children under five years.He said: “ It is a major public health hazard with significant man hours and productivity lost to this illness”.

However, Okeke stressed that all hope is not lost but the Federal Government in partnership with for profit organisations must show willingness and commitment to combat this epidemic in Nigeria.He argued that insecticide treated mosquito nets embraced by donor agencies has limited use in the fight against this enemy while a time tested solution used by most developed nations to eradicate malaria is still been scorned by Africans and the donor agencies.

He said: “Indoors residual spraying has proven very effective in controlling the spread of mosquito and the malaria parasite it carries. South Africa stopped using in indoors residual spraying and witnessed resurgence in their malaria burden. It went back to indoor residual spraying and has had over 90 percent success rate is eradicating malaria”.

According to him, Indoor residual spraying is the single most effective tool that the country could deploy nationwide to eradicate Malaria in Nigeria saying a single spray is effective for six months and covers all the areas that is accessible with insecticide treated nets like kitchen, living room and dinning areas.

“Until we get to that stage, Superior pharmaceuticals is committed to providing highly effective and genuine ACT – tablets, syrup and injections for therapeutic treatment and cure of Malaria infestation”, he added.

He revealed that the company would be in Yaba Local council development area (LCDA) on 28th, April 2018 in partnership with JCI Lagos Royale to give out free drugs to all Lagosians. According to him, to get a free malaria drug, Sumether Plus, interested individuals should visit their website, fill the online request form and choose their redemption centre to get it within twenty four hours.

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