LUTH acquires advanced diagnostic device

LUTHThe Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) has acquired a newly advanced Computed Tomography (CT) scanner to render quality diagnostic services to patients.

This was made known during the launching event recently in the hospital tagged: “Paediatric Imaging.”
Research shows that CT, formerly referred to as computerized Axial Tomography (CAT), is a common diagnostic imaging procedure that uses X-ray to generate images (slices) of the anatomy.

CT is X-ray imaging procedure used for a variety of clinical applications like spine and head imaging, gastrointestinal imaging, vascular imaging (example, detection of blood clots), cancer staging and radiotherapy treatment planning, screening for cancers and heart disease, rapid imaging of trauma, imaging of musculoskeletal disorders, detection of signs of infectious disease, and guidance of certain interventional procedures (example, biopsies).

CT is said to be the preferred imaging examination for diagnosing several types of cancers, and along with the chest X-ray, CT is the most commonly performed procedure for imaging the chest. CT is also used to perform noninvasive angiographic imaging to assess the large blood vessels. CT may be performed on newborns, infants, children, and adolescents as well as adults.

Speaking during the event, the Head of Department of Radio Diagnosis, LUTH, Dr. Kofo Soyebi welcomed the participants to the event and appreciated them for creating time to be there. “We are joining the rest of the world to celebrate today,” she added.

Soyebi chronicled the genesis of X-rays, saying that Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen who was a Professor at Wurzburg University in Germany discovered it in 1895. “It is as a result of this man’s initiative that LUTH, College of Medicine of University of Lagos (CMUL), and Association of Radiologists (ARIN) are celebrating the International Day of Radiology (IDoR), 2015”.

The Chairman of Medical Advisory Committee, LUTH, Prof. Tola Daramola congratulated the Paediatric Department for working endlessly to ensure the wellbeing of their patients.She urged them to continue in their selfless services. “Patients first before anything’ she added.

The Consultant Radiologist, LUTH and the President of National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria, Prof. Rasheed Arogundade who noted that discipline of radiology has played important and key role in patient management over the years.
“The event is celebrated for the discovery of imaging on November 8th, 1896 by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, exactly 120 years ago since this was made, it marks the beginning of Medical Imaging. Internal body structure can be visualized with the use of computed tomography scanner, today’s event is about imaging,” he said.

He opined that X-rays should be used regularly in Nigeria “there are not only necessary to ensure standard pace with other countries but to encourage people to come for their body diagnosis”.

The Founder and Managing Director of JNC International Limited, Mrs. Clare Omatseye, who is the equipment provider, expressed how reliable the Toshiba CT Scan Suite is, saying that it provides 128 slices to improve diagnosis with capacity of interaction for the scanner to be implemented.
“With the partnership between LUTH and JNC, we have been able to install 128 slices. With this scanner we can be able to do advanced diagnostic services in LUTH, this advanced equipment will give LUTH concrete diagnostic pace compared with other hospitals and will help us to detect diseases early enough to prevent complications”.
“What is really going to make a difference is that: people are coming for diagnosis, there is safety in the machine and the price is affordable, these three things we have been able to achieve” She said.

Omatseye noted that ARIN’s main objective is to ensure that the medical equipment is safe for the patients as the degree of radiation is extremely low, so it is not disastrous.

She promises the safety to anyone who uses the equipment. “I can assure you that those who come to LUTH for diagnosis will be under the care of trained staff who will give accurate report at the end of the day, as far as CT Scanner is concerned, safety is guaranteed,” she remarked.

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