LG Partners Consumers In Keeping Food Safer

LGALL too often, food infections are likely to emanate from poorly stored foods especially in the refrigerator, where lettuce and spinach could go slimy, and carrots go moldy.

Even the local Nigerian soups could go awry in taste as power fluctuates and the freezer temperature is compromised, giving room for psychrophilic (cold-loving) microorganisms to fester.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that foodborne illnesses could arise from these spoilages in fridges once in a while.

However, according to Eyen Amos, LG’s consultant, evolving technologies in refrigeration have stepped up the effectiveness of these cold storage equipment in combating infections and keeping food quality at its best.

Amos asserted that modern fridges are designed in such a way as to maintain optimum temperatures in whichever part food is stored, adding that the double door design aims at delivering safe food and drinks.

Basically, a good rule of thumb is to do a food safety check at regular intervals, perhaps, months. “Starting at the top of the fridge, take everything off one shelf at a time and toss expired items. Don’t forget the door, where most condiments are stored.”

While this holds true for hygienic safety, Amos said the double door fridges have re-written the order due to the clear advantages they present especially keeping items intact even while the door is opened.

Research shows that vegetable bins, meat drawers and the bottom shelf are traditionally, the most bacteria-laden areas.
But with less access to what is not needed from the fridge, contaminants obtained from touching those items are greatly reduced, and eliminated by purifying system at work.

“Now, technology has afforded families and consumers a four-step air purifying system that preserves the freshness and nutritional value of the stored food items.

“It sterilises the interior of the fridge and eliminates almost all the bacteria as a result of a range of cooling solutions that optimises performance,” Amos said.

Fruits and vegetables are usually tricky in handling especially because of the varying storage temperature requirement. However, he said special fruit-vegetable box cover controls moisture to keep them fresh; it prevents excess moisture from forming, while retaining the right amount of moisture to increase freshness.

One source of worry in handling food in the compartments is odour that comes from vegetables and fish, but the installation of double carbon deodorizers, according to Amos reduces the presence of acidic and alkaline smell that has been the case.

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