Healing Stripes supports over 2,000 kidney patients, launches scheme for more succour

Ezinne Onyemere

Healing Stripes, a renal specialist hospital in Lagos has appealed to well meaning Nigerians to support the course of fighting chronic renal disease in the country as burden is on the surge.

At the launch of the hospital’s Dialysis Support Scheme to commemorate the World Kidney Day in Lagos, the Doctor in Charge, Healing Stripes Hospital, Dr. Ezinne Onyemere disclosed that though the scheme has been running inwardly for three years now, but the need to present it to the public has arisen because there is a goal to subsidise dialysis sessions for 100 patients every week.

Onyemere who disclosed that the hospital has subsidised 2,024 dialysis session for kidney patients and given 534 free other sessions over the last three years with the assistance of few well meaning Nigerians and the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) City of David Parish, noted that the scheme was not only to appeal for patient support, but to also assist them to save up for their transplants.

“The scheme is in two parts, as donors can choose to adopt a patient and pay for their dialysis session or support with any amount that would be spread across for all patients,” she added.

Onyemere also maintained that the scheme, which is focused on “operation keeping hope alive” would also make the general public appreciate the burden of chronic disease and it might be a caution to people, for “prevention is better than cure.”

According to her, with reference to statistics on the disease, half of the about 14 per cent of people living with the disease in Nigeria are not aware, hence they present with late stages which makes it more expensive. “This shows there is an awareness gap that needs to be bridged.”

On the theme for this year’s World Kidney Day celebration, “The Relationship Between Obesity and Kidney Disease,” a dietician nutritionist, Mrs. Patience Chimah observed that if people are not cautious, lots of Nigerians would come up with kidney failure in the next five years owing to ignorance and bad habits such as alcoholism, smoking, not exercising, eating wrong among other predisposing factors.

Chimah who proffered some solutions for prevention of kidney disease and others chronic illnesses remarked that, people should endeavor to screen and exercise regularly, as well as keep healthy lifestyles.

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  • Guess What

    Good Job, Dr Onyemere. Unfortunately, you would not go far enough in helping these renal patients because you are only focused on allopathic treatment. You can only address these conditions symptomatically except you consider taking advantage of Naturopathic medicine. Most of the time, the problem with these kidneys is the clog in the microscopic artery that takes the blood into the filtering chamber. Once you unclog, proper the kidney maximum function will return and patients may no longer remain on dialysis. Sugar imbalance is also common with renal patients. I also found out that once the blood to be filtered is no longer getting into the filtering chamber in the kidney, the kidney will release renin into the blood stream to increase the blood pressure hoping this will get the blood to flow into the filtering chamber. Anyone who needs further help to overcome kidney failure should contact me: email: