Creating the wellness diet (6)

Logo-NannaSummary of factors to be considered A knowledge of the biochemical reactions that take place in the body while processing food that we eat will go a long way to reveal the mind of our GOD as it relates to the components of the plant food that He recommended to man at the time of creation.

(emphasis added) This was the opening paragraph in the very first article that I wrote in this series, “Creating the wellness diet.” Looking still into the mind of GOD, it is possible to see all the components of the wellness diet that I have written about in these last five weeks.

Not only that, but we can also understand the plan of GOD for man concerning our diet. Understanding the plan of GOD for man will lead you to appreciate why you should adopt the wellness diet.

The wellness diet like the name is a sure way to maintain a level of wellbeing devoid of any disease. What are these factors that GOD Himself put in place in order that man lives a life free of diseases.

First and foremost, GOD intended that the right environment conducive for wellness be created inside the body. What constitutes the right environment, conducive for wellness?

1. Water Regular consumption of clean, fresh, alkaline water is indispensable to creating and maintaining a conducive environment for wellness.

Water as we know is present in all the cells of the body, where it is involved in all the ongoing processes and biochemical reactions. Most importantly, water is the vehicle of transportation of all that is needed for the functions of the cells. The nutrients, oxygen, minerals, hormones, enzymes etc. are delivered to the cells by the blood, which is 90 per cent water.

On the return journey, carbon dioxide, toxins and acids, which are products of the biochemical reactions in the cells are also transported by water to the different organs where they are eliminated.

These organs are the lungs, kidneys and the skin (sweat pores are located in the skin.) This function of water ensures that the circulation is optimal as expected for speedy elimination of wastes, which would otherwise accumulate to form an acidic environment. An acidic environment supports decay, diseases and death.

Also, note that there is no storage tank in the body for water and so water must be replenished as it is used up. Furthermore, the alkalinity of the water I recommend, neutralizes the acids in the wastes generated by the reactions that take place in the cells.

The ultimate is to create an alkaline environment in the cells, which is life-giving, energy-generating and conducive for our wellbeing.

2. The substrates and enzymes The substrates are the nutrients which are the final products of digestion that can be further utilized for energy generation or as building blocks.

There are such substrates as glucose from the carbohydrates and free fatty acids from the fats and oils, which are energy generating.

The amino acids are the substrates from proteins, which are the building blocks for the muscles and other protein structures in the body. It is important that the source of the substrates should be plants such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans and grains.

This should be so because these natural products contain enzymes specific to the different substrates. These enzymes complement those produced in the body, which are not usually enough for complete metabolism of the plant substrates.

For a right environment for wellness, digestion and metabolism of the substrates has to go on to completion or else there will be incomplete or partially digested food in the tissues.

These give rise to toxins and acids which as we have found out, lead to diseases. Furthermore, the plants that we get these substrates from must be organically grown in nutrient-rich soil.

It is also necessary to chew the food that we eat for a long time to ensure that they are crushed sufficiently to release the enzymes and other products in them.

It is a different ball game entirely when you consider our present day diet. Over-cooked, dead food, rendered so by the excessive heat which destroys the enzymes and other nutrients. More so, these are mainly animal products-based diets, which do not contain enzymes in the first place and our systems don’t produce enough; too much energy is required.

All said, our bodies become short of adequate quality and quantity of nutrients, the environment is acidic and the aging process prematurely sets in. This describes an individual that is sickly, with one or more of the chronic degenerative diseases and looking older than his age.

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