Gains of seeking Allah’s forgiveness

Members of NASFAT Women Wing at the seminar on security

Members of NASFAT Women Wing at the seminar on security

With no deep reflection, someone may wonder how do you relate the pleasure of life, most sought after with seeking forgiveness of Almighty God.

The two are not only connected but well interlaced. Rain, the source of our water uses come down from the divine firmament.

Science and technological devices are not yet harnessed to cause the rain to fall or not to fall or pause the rainfall. Water is life, either water from the sky or beneath the earth tracts. Even air is vitally connected to water.

Tireless endeavors on discoveries of rainfall and river flows cannot but conclude that God, or whatever name they refer to Him is the sole provider of water.

God said He creates everything living from water and all our life aspects are living realities and matters. Even iron and its allied materials exist only because water is therein.

Three things are crucial to our life comfortability; good health, good children, and money or wealth. It is incontrovertible that these goodies of life are outcome of water. Body component is over 70% water, no sound health if one is dehydrated. Most of the things that have spun invaluable wealth for the world are all rotten residue from water properties – the crude oil, children come from water – sperm. All this confirms that the dictum; water is life.

We are asked to seek forgiveness from the One Who holds the reign of life One Who has the authority of sustaining the goings of life or its discontinuity. Most often than not we are forced to appreciate our helplessness when it rains and especially when it rains too tragic.

How many of our pleasures, achievements or glorious hallmarks of our civilization have been wiped off with floods or wind blows? And how many magnificent structures have been blown off just with hurricane wild movements? We watch helplessly when mighty bridges are blown off and several gardens of vegetations are swept off in a jiffy, beyond any geological explanations. It has hardly dawned on us that all our civilizational accomplishments are made possible by God’s mercy and could become rubbles of history by His absolute sole decision.

Yet, our estimation of the Authority on the entire essence of life is poor, despicable and very offensive. Most humans, the recipients of the special favours of Allah are unbelievers, ungrateful and ruthless. Multitudes even go further to denounce God; some refuse to acknowledge His existence some become rebels, some go the way of tyranny and spread their mischief on many innocent human fellows.

For instance, how iniquitous it is our development of atoms into atomic bombs that perish humans, animal kingdom and plants irreversibly? Has it crossed our minds that it is an act of ingratitude, that enrichment of uranium that helps us develop nuclear energy should not have been pushed in the direction of nuclear weaponries? We explore technology of water to develop liquor and several intoxicants that harm the bio chemistry of many women and men, youth and even children. It is the blessing of Allah that our human inquisitiveness has led us into hidden treasure of communication and our distance is brought closer. Yet, information technology and communication spread wonders are enhancing the sinful instincts to spread loud and subtle all atrocities against privacy against individual personal dignity and above all, open violations of sexual sanctity.

If we cast a cursory look at features of modern life splendours, except for some very few, the out look is dreadful. See the global warming! See how much supposed pure water across the globe becomes unsafe! Imagine how much pollution we have engineered into the atmosphere in the name of uncontrollable industrialization! See the wanton destruction of life!

We have reached a level of pollution of almost the entire earth planet as Allah had earlier warned “And do not pollute the earth after it has been made purified (for our safe inhabitation)-Q7vs56: This is reflecting in our mostly hazardous foods today and our eco-irritants. Inevitably we have turned living into scourge and we are all victims including our posterity. It is the due price, we pay for the sins being proudly committed unto the Mighty Lord of all time, and all pleasure of life.

Inspite of the deliberate or unconscious rebellion, God still wants us to turn back and assume a new life, a sober life style in good compliance to the rule He prescribes for the management of His world; in this rule and with a repentant attitude. God is divine, and He creates everything with divinity and so everything must be managed and enjoyed with that touch of courtesy to God. Seeking forgiveness from the Owner of our world is a resolve to behave humble and be modest as it pleases Him.

We should stop abusing our free access to the treasure of life as if we had absolute control over its consequences. We should respect the divinely ethics of possession and use of goodies of life including children. We can as well ask Him fully remorseful that He should withhold over us as humanity the pervasive punishment that bedevils the world in the wake of our reckless disregard of His commands.

If only we could do this individually and collectively, sincerely and steadfast, God promises us forgiveness with mercy. And the natural consequence; a restored pleasure of life happiness, tranquility and sustainable healthy living along with graceful posterity. And this precludes not the ultimate joy – Al Jannatul–Firdaus.

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