Tafsir: Scholars urged to focus on real exegesis of Qur’an

Sacred-mosque-in-Makkah--301-1-15MUSLIM scholars across the country have been urged to focus on the real exegesis of the glorious Qur’an which depicts love, kindness, fear of Allah (SWT), good neighbourliness, honesty, among others in their respective tafsir (lecture) sessions during the Ramadan season.

This call was against the backdrop of comments about the messages passed by some incompetent scholars to incite the faithful against a particular group or belief that are in line with Islamic teachings.

The Secretary-General, Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI), Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliyuat, at the yearly pre-Ramadan conference and lecture, at the auditorium of its National Secretariat Complex, Kawo, Kaduna, recently noted that negative conducts contrary to the established creed of the Islamic faith were being exhibited by some scholars in their tafsir sessions.

According to him, “Some mufassirun (commentators) delved into unnecessary juristic arguments on issues which are categorically clear and on which there is consensus.

There were some scholars whose sessions were merely insightful. More so, there were some scholars whose sessions were full of mockery of others, rather than uplifting the spiritual well-being of the listeners.

A number of the mufassirun do not have the basic knowledge of tafsir, therefore lack the capacity to conduct tafsir. He however enjoined the leadership to regulate the conduct of tafsir, to control erring commentators and make it mandatory for any mufassir to be screened and be given permission by the JNI or any authorized body before he could be allowed deliver tafsir.

The group, in a communiqué jointly signed by the Secretary-General and Chairman, Local Organising Committee,JNI, Prof. S. W. Junaidu, stated that as a comprehensive way of life, Islam, through the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah, provides complete and perfect guidance to humanity in spiritual, social, economic, political and all other aspects of life.

It urged the month of Ramadan is supposed to serve for Muslims as an opportunity for sober reflections and return to the Almighty Allah (SWT), adding that it is also a period for the Ulama’ to guide the Ummah towards unity and God consciousness.

The group therefore urged all those in the position of leadership to fear Allah (SWT) and be committed to justice, fairness, transparency and accountability in the discharge of their responsibility.

It added that: “Nigerians need to imbibe the culture of obedience to their leaders, cooperate with them and pray for them to successfully accomplish their duties to the society.

“The Ulama’ should utilize their respective Tafsir sessions in Ramadan to educate Muslims to be God fearing, emphasize the fundamental Islamic teachings, refrain from issues that could divide the Ummah and cause mutual mistrust as well as tension among Muslims and people of other faiths that are living with us.

“The conference calls on businessmen in the country especially those selling essential commodities to reduce cost, in order to attract Allah’s blessings and forgiveness during and after the Ramadan,”it stated.

In pursuance to its humanitarian relief efforts, JNI under its leadership donated 450 tonnes of rice and 60 tonnes of edible oil to ameliorate the suffering of the IDPs in Borno, Yobe, Gombe, Adamawa, Bauchi, Kano and Kaduna States and calls on well meaning Nigerians to do more.

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