Finding your personal power: a means to achieve your set goals

Lanre Olusola

Many people are “Living-Dead”. They are alive but living a meaningless and aimless life. Some are living without finding their personal power and fulfilling their purpose of existence. Whichever one is applicable to you this implies that you are unfulfilled, unsatisfied, sad, unloved and troubled.

These feelings could be as a result of your bad childhood experience. You were abused, so you feel insecure; raped, so you feel you are inadequate; deprived, so you suffer lack; rejected, so you suffer rejection; you grew up without a father or mother or even both, so you feel incomplete and empty. Unfortunately these experiences are the ECHOES that still CONTROL most of your life’s experiences today and are preventing you from finding your personal power.

These experiences have led you to real life dark moments including substance abuse, drug addictions, streaks of infidelity, depression, suicidal thoughts and failed suicidal attempts; your life seems dysfunctional. Daily, you go through cycles of pain, despondency, sadness and some sparks of pleasure which when they happen, are far and between. You have never seen yourself as the controller of your life; instead, something or someone else is driving the car of your life and you are just a passenger.

The things you don’t really want to do, you find out that you can’t stop doing them or prevent them from happening in your life. The things you want and should really be doing are not done, as you don’t seem to have the power to do or make them happen in your life.

Unknown to you, your Mind, Body and Spirit are connected; they are one and the same SYSTEM and you can’t attain Personal Power without harmony of these 3 parts working in sync. If one of the 3 parts is affected or infected, the others will certainly be affected or infected and this emotional stress will break your body and soul down.
Scientists have now proven that negative emotions lead to deadly diseases.
• Anger and Hostility are the leading causes of Hypertension and Coronary Artery disease.
• Resentment, Bitterness, Unforgiving attitude and Self-Hatred causes Autoimmune Disorders. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and Multiple Sclerosis.
• Anxiety is the leading cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Panic Attacks, Mitral Valve Prolapse, and Heart Palpitations.
• Repressed Anger causes Tension and Migraine Headaches, Chronic Back Pain and Fibromyalgia.
• When we don’t resolve negative emotions and we bury or repress them, over time they emerge as Cancer, Auto Immune Disease, Allergies, Skin Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.
• Depression is also a toxic emotional and psychological state that has very real physical manifestations. Depression is now linked to Cancer, Osteoporosis, Suicide, etc. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared that Depression will be the world’s 2nd Deadliest Disease and source of Disability by 2020 and the world’s No 1 killer and source of disability by 2030.
• Sudden deaths can occur from FEAR, which causes excessive stimulation of a stress response called “Sympathetic Stimulation” in the body.

However, here is good news! Emotions can be mastered; you can relearn how to cherish, nourish and protect your heart – the most precious and sensitive part of your being. There are proven practices you can follow to amend your broken heart and in finding your personal power to achieve your set goals.

1. Forgive and Release:
You have to forgive your wrong doers and purge out all the wrongs done to you. Resentment, being unforgiving and bitterness could kill you as they also cause some major deadly diseases such as cancer etc. These emotions only hurt and kill you and not the one who you have a grudge against; it’s like wishing your enemy dead and drinking poison on their behalf.

Forgiveness is a process. Daily forgiveness is one of the primary prescriptions for a person’s total mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health – the attainment of personal power. You have the power within yourself to determine how you respond to situations and people and by virtue of this, you have control over your health and wellbeing.

2. Love and Accept Yourself:
Learn to accept and love yourself for who you are because that is when you begin to see the beauty of living. Not loving yourself stands as a barrier in finding your personal power and discovering your purpose of existence. You won’t have the personal power to find true happiness if you don’t have self-love. Self-love is at the core of loving others. Finding your personal power means finding reasons to love yourself. Your goals are achieved simply because of your personal power. Believing in the ever present possibility of love, appreciation, joy, peace and human dignity is essential to wholeness and harmony.

3. Learn to Love Others:
Be willing to love. When the heart is at peace or filled with love, it communicates harmony to the entire body and every organ experiences rest. When love fills your heart, your entire body takes an emotional plunge into healing. Love restores vitality. Owe no man anything but love. Give love and don’t demand it in return. Real Love is a dedicated affectionate commitment to the wellbeing of other people.

4. Decide to be Happy, Joyful and have Peace:
Happiness is a decision and comes from within, no one else but you can make yourself happy. Laughter boosts your immune system and reduces dangerous stress hormones in your body. Healthy humour is as good as exercise. It ventilates your lungs and leaves your muscles, nerves, and heart, warm and relaxed. Laughter temporarily speeds up your heart rate, increases blood pressure and breathing in a good way, expands circulation and enhances the flow of oxygen in and out of your body. Joy is abiding or enduring as it comes from a feeling of contentment deep inside a person. Joy depends on an inner sense of value, purpose, fulfillment, or satisfaction. Joy is a choice. It does not flow from situations. Peace is like a river of health. Find peace and live peacefully with everyone.

1. Commit to “doing your best”; no more, no less.
2. Accept and love yourself exactly as you are, even as you continue to work on yourself.
3. Recognize that your personal power comes from your attitude about who you are.
4. Master your Emotions
5. Set and achieve all your goals using GoalPRO. GoalPRO provides exclusive tools that help you find your personal power and achieve your goals.

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