Peugeot’s loan scheme receives first patronage from South-West

BUYING a brand new car has long been regarded as an expensive luxury due to the cost of owning  one. However, according to research, running a brand new car can be as much as 73 per cent cheaper to run than a used car popularly known as ‘tokumbo’ of just five years older.

    Set this alongside generous low rate finance deal, which means some new car buyers never end up paying out the full price at once and they end up looking a good option at the end of the day. Although the initial cost of buying a new vehicle is higher, safety tends to be a guarantee for brand new cars while advancements in technology denotes they gulp less fuel and are easier to maintain in terms of overhead cost of overhauling the vehicle when the need arises. 

    In addition to the above stated benefits, new cars also come with a warranty – typically three years; while several new versions of popular models have low emissions, meaning they are environment friendly. All these and many more are the gratifying benefits that PAN Nigeria Limited is offering all its numerous customers across Nigeria through its recently introduced ‘Peugeot Vehicle Acquisition Finance Scheme’ (PVAFS), geared towards aiding Civil Servants, Private Sector employees and middle-class Nigerians own their brand new personal Peugeot cars at a low equity contribution rate.

    The PVAFS is designed to offer maximum value to customers far above any existing scheme that is currently offered by competition in the country.  Embellished With over 40 years experience in the Nigerian auto market, PAN Nigeria has continued to produce exquisite brand of Peugeot vehicles that offer unsurpassed value to customers in terms of durability, reliability and affordability.

   Recently, Professor Fatimah Abdul-Kareem, a lecturer at the School of Medicine, Idiaraba, Lagos State, became the first customer in South-West Nigeria to acquire a brand new Peugeot 301 Luxury car via the Peugeot Vehicle Acquisition Finance Scheme. Professor Fatimah was full of excitement and expressed satisfaction with the scheme.

    She said: “once you have a stable salary, you can also achieve the goal of having a brand new Peugeot car of your choice by simply walking into Jaiz bank Plc or Enterprise Bank Plc. Her own  acquisition was financed by  Jaiz bank Plc, 

   Relationship Manager of the bank, Dada Mutiat Oyindamola said “Peugeot being a foremost automobile company in Nigeria, produce quality cars. When we had a marketing call with them our team came up with the idea of providing the populace with easy access to vehicles for those people that don’t have the money to buy a new car.The Peugeot Vehicle Acquisition Finance Scheme is open to everybody that has a regular source of income. Whether they have account with Jaiz or not, the entire process requires minimal documentation, offer letter from Jaiz bank, and offer letter from your employer” she said.

Comparatively, if a customer is not disposed to Jaiz bank, Enterprise bank is also providing Nigerians with the opportunity of paying for these contemporary Peugeot cars at very flexible and affordable rates. With as little as between 10 and 20  percent  down payment, Nigerians can actually drive home a brand new Peugeot car of their choice and conveniently spread the rest of the payment over a period of 48 months. 

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