Driven by digitisation

TaxiThere’s a word changing the traditional hierarchy of the workplace. It’s an idea that glides easily through the glass ceiling. Individualism—is shaping the future of commerce and industry.

Adopted by the Millennial Generation it’s a new way of thinking, working and connecting explained South African Dion Chang, of Flux Trends, at a recent talk on the subject.

Uber is a paradigm of this concept – not only is it changing the way people get from place-to-place, but also the way people connect with each other.

Not shackled to dispatch centres, desks or boardrooms, Uber partner-drivers use and operate the latest-in-tech to get their job done.

Without being held back by traditional operating models, these individuals assume responsibility of their roles; an offshoot of the growing self-management system of holacracy.

“Teams orbit around each other,” elucidates Chang, “their form follows need.” Uber’s mission is to provide ‘a safe and reliable transport option to riders and greater economic opportunity to drivers’.

The latter means in this case that Uber has a commitment to the upliftment of its partner-drivers, by partnering with them to provide the tools to build their own small businesses: the company’s lead generation software facilitates entrepreneurship opportunities.

Another tenement of individualism is that homelife trumps the all. Workers seek out and create positions that offer flexibility and with it, an optimum work-life balance. Because of the nature of the service, Uber’s partner-drivers fall neatly into this category.

They can work whenever they want to and are not obliged to do shifts. This means that they can log on, and off whenever they choose.

It’s not just the drivers who show individual traits, but also the forward-thinking Generation Y who ride them.

Top of mind is convenience and safety – and this is driven by digitisation. With the invention of its app, Uber debuted an unprecedented level of safety and convenience in the transportation industry.

It was founded with the goal of ensuring safe rides for everyone whenever, wherever they may be. Uber’s commitment is to connect riders with the safest, trackable and most convenient way to get from A-to-B.

A thought made more significant when you consider the time spent away from home and family while on less reliable modes of public transport. With Uber, people gain access to the ‘highest quality transportation with the fastest response time, resulting in a reliable and elegant way to move around’.

For Uber users and partner-drivers, in this fast-changing world driven by the Millennial Generation, all of this is at the touch of a button.


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