Bentley showcases its first-ever EV


Unlike most automakers, who revealed quick looks of their new brands ahead of the 2017 Geneva Auto, Bentley shocked guests on Tuesday, with its first ever electric vehicle (EV).
Bentley’s Chief Executive Officer, Wolfgang Duerheimer, was sure the EV is distinct, a total luxury and loaded with features that are not common in its class.
“This will give us a very good indication of where we are. Do we need it? Or are we okay to still have combustion engines and hybrids, that’s it? This is what we want to find out.
“We want to send a clear message: ‘If we do it, this is what it would look like.’ EVs don’t necessarily need to look like a refrigerator. They can appeal. They can be sexy. They can be emotional,” Duerheimer told journalists at the event.
Called EXP 12 Speed 6e, concept promises inductive charging, a useful range and stirring performance likely to come from hardware shared with Volkswagen Group.
AT first glance, the new car showcases open-pore leather that covers the cabin and rear bank of the car.The oxblood patina looks so juicy and rare, it might as well be tartar; it contrasts beautifully with the stark white exterior. The front hood is split into two air vents and has “crystal cut” round LED headlights and a massive lattice-style Bentley front grille done in silver and rubbed copper. When the car starts, a white “6e” symbol illuminates beneath the mesh of the grille.
Bentley has only just delivered its first diesel vehicle – just as parent company VW tries to run away from its diesel engines – and now it’s taken a major jump in to the 21st century with an electric auto – the Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e.
When wireless charging isn’t available, the EXP12 Speed 6e concept can be connected to a mains supply via a socket behind the rear number plate.
The interior is even more opulent – and pure show auto.
Inside it’s also similar in style to the EXP 10, with a solid glass centre console, digital screens for the instruments and centre console, lashings of leather and a steering wheel that looks more like a gaming yolk.

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