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Readers’ reactions to stories trending on The Guardian website, www.ngrguardiannews.com and the social media as compiled by AKINLOLU OLUWA

Senate throws out APC’s nominations for Majority Leader, others
Sunday says: “Saraki’s arrogance is unfortunate. He is playing out as a PDP mole in the household of APC. He has betrayed his party. Tambuwal succeeded with his own affront on his party. That does not mean all other acts of insubordination and arrogance will succeed.’’
OmoNaija nimi: “If Tambuwal succeeded, why do you now say Saraki will fail? Just sit down and look at the drama playing out.’’
Rollingdollar: “Buhari appears confused. He fixed meeting with the Speaker, it did not hold. He said he will not interfere with election of NASS officials, then he decided to interfere at the worst time (on Inauguration Day) He has not articulated the policy direction of his government.’’
Ben benny: “He refused to interfere and at the same time angry with Saraki and Dogara because they went against the party’s decision. Is it not interference by pretence? How come he is yet to meet up with Saraki and Dogara after their election?
Pragmatic Snipar: “You got it wrong because Buhari said he is not happy with the outcome of NASS election but he will work with the winners.’’
Ikenna P: “Please don’t be too quick to cast aspersion on PMB. Hopefully, when he settles down, things would improve for the better.’’

Robbers raid banks, police offer N5m reward for clues
Skreemmy says: “The last time a robbery of this nature took place in Lekki on March 12, 2015, APC in Lagos was quick to put the blame squarely on Jonathan. The party said all the security agents in Lagos were mobilized to provide security for Jonathan who was in Lagos on that fateful day, thereby enabling the robbers to operate unchallenged. Now that Jonathan is out of power and no president was in Lagos, who will APC blame this time around?’’
Umar Jibril: “The security agencies failed in performing their statutory duty.’’
Layooo Kehinde: ‘’What a man can do, a woman did it better’’
Snipar Achini Chicoco: “
Nigeria is probably a more dangerous place to live than I thought. It’s good news that no one was killed. Shame on Nigerian police.’’ One heart: “I put the blame at the door step of all old and current leaders who milked the country dry leaving no funds for organized security, protection of human life and off course not enough jobs for the youths.‘’
Fred: “Yes leaders have not done enough in organized security, but the case of robbery as a fallout of that failure may not be an all conclusive one. Even in civilized nations there is organized robbery, it is just part of immoral acts of men.’’
Mattken: “If we at least had helicopters in the sky, we would have been able to follow and track them.’’

UN expert seeks probe over ‘crimes against humanity’ in Eritrea
Prime says: “Once the world was and is talking about a conspiracy of a secret occult organization called the Illuminati, but this situation in Eritrea is worse than that. Issaias Afewerki is evil. He began the war with Ethiopia. Eritrean Elite brothers open your eyes.’’
Unedited11: “If Eritrea (the least aid-dependent nation on the content) is maintaining its national service program due to Ethiopia (the most aid-dependent nation on the continent), why will the UN focus on getting the aggressive Ethiopian military behavior to stop and apply some pressure to get Ethiopia to comply. Good for Eritrea for not cowing and giving up its independence in the face of overwhelming power.’’
Nnrufaelwolderufael: “If Eritrea had Bademe in it’s possession, do you think Issaias would release the hostages (the Eritrean people) to freedom and allow the people govern themselves?’’

Nigeria’s daily fuel subsidy drops to N1.8 billion
Marc Umeh says: “At some point we may have to throw up our hands and surrender this nation to the colonial masters to fix this mess we created. 1.8 billion daily just for oil subsidy. We still import toothpick, Palmoil. Sooner or later we will start importing the air we breathe.’’
Joseph: “The country must focus on petroleum refining in order to save us from payment of subsidy.’’
Emmanuel Kalu: “Subsidies is a complete waste of resources for most Nigerians. We would gradually start the process of reducing this waste and focus our resources on refining and growing the economy.’’
N’Central, S’East Reps caucuses reject APC’s candidates for principal officers
Babalakin says: “I am not a member of APC but I know that PDP failed massively and APC fought hard for the change in governance. APC must know that the strategy and formula that brought them to office might not work now. The ‘monolithic shape’ that worked for them in the west might not work for the nation as a whole. They must not forget that a lot of members today are not true members. I hope they will change strategy.’’
Moses Olusegun: “APC elected law makers should put the national interest above their personal interest. They are all interested in become principal officers of the house because of the emoluments attached to the offices instead of thinking on how to deliver their promises of change to Nigerians. Above all, party supremacy must be respected.’’
Ali Abdulkadir: “
Why are you rushing? Buhari has barely been in office for three weeks, and has covered so much already. You guys don’t want to acknowledge it. Come back and complain after six months and we might listen to you.’’
JJ: “
As regards the happenings in NA, I will blame it on Mr. president. PMB was careless and took a lot for granted. No intelligent politician would take the two chambers for granted the way Mr. President did, believing he can work with anybody. It is a shame that PMB is losing the grip of his administration already. I hope his administration will not be full of party crisis due to his attitude.’’

Nigeria and Nigerians in the diaspora
Izeobor says: “To complement Akinola, there are three types of diaspora Nigerians. The two which Akinola mentioned in this piece and the third which comprises those who so much loved Nigeria but Nigerians scared them to take permanent ‘exile’ from their fatherland.’’
Alpha Dinn: “Honestly all you have said is just a scratch on why some of our citizens never or wish not to return to Nigeria. It is just too sad that our government has not shown enough concern to make our environment conducive.’’

Amnesty International versus the Nigerian military
Ojiyovwi says: “Nigeria should follow the example of Israel, US and Europe. When these allegations of human rights abuses are reported, we should investigate, declare it as unfounded and move on.’’
Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya: “I couldn’t agree more with the thrust of this fabulous editorial. Bravo The Guardian.’’
Ojiyovwi: “Amnesty International (AI) has only deepened current views on it by anyone who really matters. Would they dare to criticize those nations that manufacture and sell deadly arms and ammunitions to terrorists? They won’t and they can’t, otherwise they will be chased out from everywhere. AI has descended into irrelevance. We have the UN, why does anyone listen to AI?’’

Maradona eyes Sepp Blatter’s FIFA chair
Fountain says: “Maradona will make football a free dope test game.’’
Joseph: “He won’t be a good FIFA president.”
Nutty: “Who ever takes the job will be better than Blatter.”
AlexH: “Fear not, the future of FIFA is safe in the reliable hands of Maradona. Why did we ever worry?’’
Hulme: “FIFA presidential candidates use the withdrawal method. They always pull out before the final vote of confidence.”
Pete1818: “ Sorry mate, don’t trust you and your hand of god.’’

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@OyedepoSamuel ‬
This set of House of Reps members are so narrow minded, greedy and disgraceful. We still have the magic wand with us, see you in 2019.‬

@ganrovet ‬
Any attempt to match force with the Saraki/ Dogara group will damage the fortunes of APC for long. They have the power of patronage now.

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