Aregbe teach CopyOn public assets’
declaration by Buhari, Osinbajo
Amechi says: “They will declare their assets. They are men of intellect and integrity. Let us give them some time. They inherited a government that was on the verge of collapse. They may be seeking a better way for the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) to do it for all public officers.’’
Sendoff: “This editorial is overstating the point of Buhari declaring his assets publicly. It is not a matter of constitutional obligation or any other legalism; it is a simple matter of a promise made by a man whom Nigerians selected for the top job in the country based mostly on his claims of integrity. A promise that he would come to the court of equity with clean hands.If he fails to keep his word he would have sold himself far short of what we all believed and expected.’’
Victor Hamman: “Buhar’s asset declaration would look like this. I have one milion naira in my bank account. I have around 150 cows. I have a house each in Kaduna, Kano, and Daura which I borrowed money to build. I never had a foreign account since I finished my courses in the USA, India and the UK. I never owned any property outside Nigeria. Never.”
Tito Kane: “Let him just sign this one.”

BBC’s quest to mortify Umunna, Igbo, Nigeria
United says: “Yes, I thought that the governor would fight it out because it is a dent on our integrity and a way to discourage investors. It is unfortunate that the so called human rights lawyers did not comment on such ugly and false news.’’
Tbt: “I simply blame the governor of Anambra State for not asking the BBC to provide the source of information. If it were an African media writing such about Britain, they would have shouted to the whole world for demonizing their nation falsely.’’
Ify Onabu: “Why can’t someone sue the BBC for defamation? Where are all our ‘mouthy’ lawyers? Is it only on political issues we hear their voices?”
Amador Kester: “If it behaves like a rogue station then you can treat it as such.”
Ralf: “Chuka Umunna’s father, Ben Osi Umunna is not from Awka town. But he is from Anambra State.’’

Crime takes another dimension underbridge on Airport Road
WakeUp 9ja says: ‘I was robbed at the same spot while coming from the airport. The Police are not at bad spots to checkmate crime. They stay where they can collect bribe after harassing, intimidating and extorting law-abiding citizens. The Makinde police did nothing to help me after my robbery. They were even afraid to escort me to crime scene to collect my car after the Robbers ransacked it.’’
Chuku-Chuku Oparadike: “Na wa oo. May God continually protect us. Glad you can tell the story.’’
What goes round… comes around
Chigoziem says: “The only trouble with this analysis is that the good of the fatherland is not factored in and has not featured. Jonathan, as a person, was not the subject of discontentment of enlightened Nigerians, his poor performance was. Tinubu as a person may not be my cup of tea, but his vision and execution endears him to so many.’’
Iska Countryman: “Jagaban is a northern appellation. We can loan you a babanriga but we would still maintain ownership. One north, one destiny.’’
Martins: “
Can you please define what you mean by ex-President Jonathan’s “poor performance”? Or you are just dancing on the jaundiced over-used propaganda of APC. Which area of governance was President Jonathan lacking? Well we have basis for comparison!! Time will tell
MindYourself: “Every political decision is not based on nation’s interest anymore, but on how it would affect Tinubu. Even the intelligent amongst us have excuses for this. Little do they know they are promoting indecency in the society. Was there any time Tinubu plotted in the past to disenfranchise some people? There is nothing bad in PDP supporting any person of its choice in a decently organised election. Could people see that the last election was not a decent one?’’
Robo: “Tinubu who has achieved so much must be laughing at the antics of the neophytes.’’

Technical blunders bane of Super Falcons
Nmomah says: “Nigeria as a country, does not have any local coach that is capable of managing any of the national teams because of their technical deficiencies. Look at the way foreign coaches plan and study games. But all our coaches do is to rant and compare themselves with foreign coaches and when it comes to the game proper, you will observe thir technical deficiencies. Nigerian coaches are job-seeking individuals who have connections in high places. Look at the under 20 team, full of gifted and talented players, but does not have a technically gifted coach or coaches to bring out the best in them.’’
Djohndoe: “Nigerian coaches have no technical depth.’’
Ade Smart: “The problem is the coach. The Falcons’ defence was so bad that the coach couldn’t correct the situation before the Australian match finally destroyed them.’’
Ako Amadi: “Please stop deceiving the Falcons and Nigerians that miracles will happen against the US. Let us rather reflect on whether the country should continue to waste money sending these women to disgrace us at the competition.’’

IG asks Nigerians to report corrupt policemen
Igwe Obi said: “Corruption will stop in police only when the DPO and Area Commander stop sending brown envelope to the commissioner and when the commissioner stops sending brown envelope to the IGP.’’
Asampokoto: “I love this guy already. Welcome development. This is what I keep saying. If we want Nigeria to become a better place, then we have to abide strictly by the law. No more paying our way out of trouble.”
Royal Priesthood: “Good development if they can truly enforce all these. Implementations goes a long way not all this mouth talks.’’
Cheefoo: “Publish a website and a process for reporting such crimes, text, videos and pictures upload. Also give us a promise that the erring policemen’s punishment will also be made public on the same site.’’
PolyGon2013: “Create a website where citizens can report crime anonymously.’’
Caesar Julius: “You don’t need any person to report them to you. First thing to do is to arrest all DPOs and the DCOs) nationwide. Sorting the two categories out would be enough to occupy you for your entire tenure as IGP.’’
Fego Okiomah: “Can #stopthebribe have an e-mail address, website, or social media handles to make reporting a lot easier. Good Initiative hope it lasts.’’
Thomas Sankara: “This man is trying hard to impress Buhari.”
Umec: “Mr. IG, you want Nigerians to report corrupt policemen? How do you expect us to do so? No telephone number, no email address and no website?’’

My regret as INEC
chairman, by Jega
MilitaryPolice01 says: “Jega should have stayed to finish and consolidate on the good work he started. The problem with Nigeria is that those that have done well don’t want re-election or re-appointment while the criminals are the ones that want second or even third term.’’
PolyGon2013: “I think he is leaving at the right time. I wish Prof. Jega well in his future endeavor.’’
Tinom: “Are you sure he did well? What about the death of the resident electoral commissioner in Kano that he had not said anything about till date.’’
Truth Master: “Good to leave the stage while the ovation is loudest!”
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Same country. States owing workers backlog of unpaid salaries” and National Assembly to pay legislators N9 billion Wardrobe Allowance. Sad.

They cannot claim to be representatives of the people and then want to wear N9 billion worth of clothing when the people can hardly feed themselves.

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