Coke Studio Fun Voyage Goes on with Episodes 6 & 7

Jua Cali and Yemi Alade

Jua Cali and Yemi Alade

THE commitment to entertain audience across Africa with good music continues on Coke Studio, as very talented artists from the continent showcase immense talents. Episodes 6 and 7 raised the musical standards in the studio a notch higher with the wonderful performances from the musicians and in-house band.

Episode 6 opened up with a soulful rendition from multi-talented Coke Studio Musical Director, Zwai Bala, crooning a delightfully soulful song, which is followed by fusion between multi-talented Nigerian Di’ja and Maputo-born singer, Hernani Da Silva, with an energetic performance from Kenyan producer, Owuor Arunga.

Speaking on the mash-up, the energetic Arunga said, “I looked up the meaning of Musica De Fim De Semana and Badamuwa, and they fit together. It was a beautiful thing we can make a logical mash-up which fits within the realm of reasoning, lyrically.”

Coke Tale offered a heart-to-heart talk from Mozambique’s Queen of Hip-hop, Dama Do Bling, who explained how her provocative personality had sparked so much debate, and had her standing up against the ‘old guard’ in many ways.

In her words, “I love to be sexy on stage… I feel big when I do that on stage.”

This was followed by a heartfelt performance when the skilled producer, Silverstone stripped Wangechi guitar laced music and replaced it with percussion. The result was a fusion that infused the rhythm of Kevin Lyttle’s Turn me on to their delivery.

While Kenyan producer, Eric Musyoka battled with recreating the songs, Poiera and Eleda Mi, by Neyma and Olamide, which were programmed and came with no live musicals, the two musicians appeared to also struggle for chemistry to eventually deliver an unplugged mash up to them.

Musyoka said, “It was the most challenging song. The main challenge is that both songs are programmed and they do not have a lot of live instruments that I could use to incorporate them. So, I focused mainly on the melodies and strength of the singing and choruses.”

Enigmatic Unknown Disc Jockey masterfully revved up the chemistry between Nigeria’s Flavour and soulful Ugandan singer, Julian, who learnt to ‘shake ukwu to the mash-up of the songs: Woman/Shake. The performance again emphasised why they are slowing turning into the season’s favourite.

The last performance on the episode came from Avril and MI who performed a clap song titled, “Hands Like”. Cobhams Asuquo produced them.

Like the earlier ones, Episode 7 also had interesting mash-up sessions, beginning from the all-male team made up of Nigeria’s Ice Prince and Kenyan group, Sauti Sol. Although, they had no producer, they made it happen by keeping the Aboki/Sura Yako fusion very African.

As usual, the very energetic Yemi Alade gave an electrifying performance alongside Kenya’s King of Genge, Jua Cali as they performed Mastercraft’s mash up of Taking Over Me and Ngeli Ya Genge.

Other performances came from Mozambique’s Soulful G2 and Uganda’s battle rapper Numero uno, Navio; as well as Alikaba and the delectable Victoria Kimani.

Episode 7 ended with the return of Musyoka, who produced a mash-up of Neyma’s new release Mama, with Olamide adding his street edgy touch to the song.

As Coke Studio Africa Season 3 progresses, the show promises more electrifying and surprise collaborations among artistes. Join the fun this weekend as Alikiba and Victoria Kimani; Hernani Da Silva as well as Di’Ja; Yemi Alade and Jua Cali return to set the stage on fire on episode 8.

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Coke Studio 3 airs every Sunday on AIT at 6pm and Soundcity at 7.30PM, ONTV on Monday at 6.30pm, every Thursday on BCOS at 6pm and Nigezie on Friday at 7pm.

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