Buhari’s Government And The Sudden “Change” In Power And Fuel Supply



It has been one week the acclaimed change agent President Muhammadu Buhari assumed office as the president of most populous black nation in the world, Nigeria.

Before his takeover, Buhari, who was one time Head of State in Nigeria’s inglorious military era was associated with the change mantra, which differentiated him from his main rival in the build up to the 2015 presidential election, the then President Goodluck Jonathan. While some who are against his coming to power mocked him with the change buzzword, the fans of the Katstina –born retired army general eulogised him with the mantra.

It was not unusual to hear such words from Buhari’s antagonists as “everything must change in Nigeria the day Buhari takes over, or else; from May 29, electricity supply in Nigeria must not blink, and from day one of Buhari’s administration, Nigeria must be placed in “Eldorado.”

But Buhari supporters, while agreeing that change is urgently needed, said Buhari’s kind of change would not be meteoric but gradual. Even Buhari, knowing the huge expectations from Nigerians, later came out to say that he was not a miracle worker, noting that he would bring the desired positive change gradually.

But a week after assuming office, how far has the Buhari ‘s administration fared in balancing the expectations and the realities of the day? Few happenings in the week have gone to explain how far Buhari has the change mantra.

The week before Buhari’s assumption of office, electricity supply dropped by 2,000mega watts (Mws) to about 1000 Mws. The electricity market dwindled in supply as 18 out of over 20 power plants were shut down following strike action embarked by staff of the government-owned Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC).

The strike began as a mere tussle for supremacy over who should manage the oil mining license (OML) 42, which holds significant gas reserves and straddles the vital gas pipeline linking the nation’s power plants. The striking workers did not only shut operations at OML 42, they also shut operations of the vital Trans Forcados Pipeline (TFP) which passes the critically needed associated gas for processing and distribution to the nation’s plethora of thermal power plants.

The period was characterised by no gas supply owing to an oil workers’ strike and shortage of water for the hydro power plants.

Following the development, former Minister of Power Chinedu Nebo, explained that the drop in power supply was inevitable, since up to 70 percent of generation was coming from gas-fired stations, pending the harvest of electricity from the work already executed by the government and private sector investors on new hydro-power plants and other renewable plants.

Amidst such explanation, Nigerians groaned, as homes and offices were devoid of electricity supply. But generators that used to act as alternatives were put on hold. Reason? Perennial fuel scarcity has grounded activities across the country.

And if you had concluded that Nigeria was on standstill, you would not be wrong. Even unborn children knew that something fundamental was wrong with the country.

But whether it was by providence or by a stroke of luck, the challenges were resolved before the swearing-in of Buhari, and within few days of his assumption of power, power supply bounced back to over 3,000 Mws, just enough for Nigeria to have life again. Some Lagos residents who spoke to The Guardian said they have started noticing the increase, as there has been regular power supply in their homes and offices.

It is not only in the area of power supply Nigerians will like to measure the success or failure of Buhari. Fuel supply and availability will no doubt form the prism posterity shall use to judge the man generally viewed as incorruptible.

Few days to his inauguration, fuel scarcity nearly brought the country to her kneels. Petroleum marketers, fearing that Buhari’s administration may not recognise any transaction they made with the Federal Government under the then leadership Dr Goodluck Jonathan, went on strike to demand for payment of over N200 billion debt. The federal Government kicked, but the petroleum marketers remained unperturbed. And the masses grumbled. But noting changed, not until Mr Ifeanyi Ubah of Capital Oil announced his plan to flood the market with petroleum product.

While some praised the oil magnate for the “humanitarian” move, others said Ubah was just playing to the gallery. But the message resonated and the striking petroleum marketers were forced to call off their strike few hours after Ubah’s theatrical announcement.

But the market never gets flooded, not even with Buhari’s coming. Petroleum products have only trickled in. The result has been long queues in few filling stations. To most Nigerians, the situation is a clear departure from the days of petroleum supply. But whether this is actually the type of change Buhari promised millions of Nigerians who voted for him is a matter Nigerians are not yet keen to discuss.

But to Buhari’s credit, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) bounced back to life from its lackluster status. For the first time in many years, EFCC has the nerves to detain the former Governor of Adamawa State, Murtala Nyako on Monday for a case of fraud. Nyako, who was impeached on July 16, 2014, was declared wanted by the anti-graft agency on February 4, for alleged criminal conspiracy, stealing, abuse of office and money laundering.

While the commission was still celebrating its audacity in Nyako’s case, the anti-graft commission, in the middle of the week, quizzed former governor of Borno State, Modu Sheriff. More cases are not doubt, expected to follow.

Irrespective of Buhari’s scorecard in the last seven days, the following months will show whether these happenings are snippets of the change Buhari asked Nigerians to brace for or not.

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  • fadojoe faduri

    definitely 1 week is not enough to appraise a new govt especially the one handed down with so many problems but after 100 days in office we can start to look at how far we have started and the way forward, it is obvious that a president Buhari would affect Nigeria and Nigerians life positively. lets keep watching…

  • Rev

    The peculiarities of Nigeria are simply amazing!

  • uche Noble

    Uche Noble

    Too early rate, our eyes are wide open. From 100 days we must have had enough facts to rate PMB

  • katalyst

    You forgot to mention that Boko haram has released a video claimiNg to now be in charge of the territories they lost and have been emboldened to unleash mayhem again killing over 100 ppl in d one week of BuHari.

  • Harry Obi Egiliga

    The President seems slow like the former President. Though he has to be careful. But there are initial moves that will be needed that will send wrong signals. Look at the case secret assets declaration against campaign promises, no cabinet, no statement on sensitive issues like light and others. The moment he was announced as winner of the election, the party and himself should have known that their works have started. Nigerians are suffering there is no time to waste.

  • nelson godwin

    Bad belle rating…. After 100 days, take stocks again….the man has not even dropped his inauguration dress, you are already talking…. Let his signature ink dry first oh b4 the ratings… Na wao…..

    • Harry Obi Egiliga

      The best dancer start with good steps

    • grateful mortal

      Use your head. Buhari is not the change we wan. He’s an ancestor

  • Saint Julius

    We are waiting to see better thing to happy to our dear country in Jesus name,amen.

  • Sal Yarima

    What happened to Ajaokuta steel mill. Did the IMF/World Bank succeed in destroying this great plan for Nigeria? How come in the last 15 years, no one has been able to complete the steel mill? Why is the West (IMF/World Bank) so keen on destruction of Nigeria? Why do they want Nigerian blood? What are they afraid of? This is what Nigerians need to find. Are they afraid of the Nostradamus prediction that out of the Black Race in West Africa would come a leader that would subdue the West? Is this the reason? Can Nigerians search and decide why the Western G7 Countries are so scared of Nigerian growth? Predicting the collapse of Nigeria in 2015

    • curtis uwuigbe

      Yarima, this is a very sad thing. However, I would advice President Buhari to not invest scarce funds in the Ajaokuta Steel Complex as it is a white elephant project. He may invite investors to take a look at the Ajaokuta Steel Complex and invest in its development and operations. Let the investors handle such mammoth projects, even the refineries, because the Nigerian system of government is not a continuum.He should rather focus on other areas of immediate economic development at the early stage of his Govt. He should strengthen the rule of law and protect Nigerians from exploitation by foreign and local investors, improve education, roads, power supply, housing, SMEs, and industries. As we know most rulers are fighting for vain glory to be known as the pioneer and the executor of lofty ideas; the essence of mediocrity. Surely God is helping us but, we must play our part too.

  • curtis uwuigbe

    This is way too early to judge even an ordinary man, not to talk of the President of one of the most corrupt nations on earth. Don’t we all know how corrupt Nigeria is? Can’t we see how broke the nation has become, that the President cannot work without money? We would have a better idea of where Buhari’s Govt is headed at the 7th month of leadership. But one thing Iam sure of is that Buhari’s government will be way better than the last four. Please we must realise that Buhari’s Govt cannot do it alone. They are not the only Nigerians. In fact, we have more roles to play. We should join hands, as Nigerians and not APC, PDP.., to ensure we rid this nation of bad eggs and block economic leakages. We must keep checking the Govt to see that they do the right thing and keep to their electoral promises. We need to start changing our image abroad by projecting our country in a positive light and exposing those bad Nigerians that tarnish the good name of this country. We must stop glorifying mediocrity and start magnifying good works. There is no place like home and no one will treat or appreciate your home the way you would.

  • cee ngoz

    p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }

    Dear writer,

    It is very important
    that I bring to your attention, your use of BLACK to qualify or
    identify Nigerians or Africans in general.

    It is rather
    unfortunate that at this recent time, some of media writes in
    Nigeria have started using BLACK to refer to Africans without
    understanding the origin of use of BLACK on Africans and what it
    actually means.

    The use of BLACK to
    refer to Africans was used to identify African SLAVES in America and
    since then it has been used til this day.

    Now, tell me that
    you’re a slave or a formal slave.

    Look at yourself and
    tell me the color of your skin is BLACK.

    Black is a stigma in
    American where it is inferior.

    Please STOP calling
    yourself black or using the word BLACK to refer to Nigerians or

    We’re Nigerians or Africans simple.

  • stan Emelogu

    It is delusional to ask Nigerians to be patient, as if there is anything we can do but be patient. Since the country started a hundred years ago all we know is how to be patient. We were patient with the British, patient with the endless string of military thugs posing as leaders. We have been patient for 16 years since the return of civil rule. We know how to be patient. When are we going to be impatient? Since patience has got us no where I think it is time for Nigerians to get impatient. The change Buhari brought is patience to impatience.

    • Oladoja wahab

      (When are we going to be impatient? Since patience has got us no where I think it is time for Nigerians to get impatient.) …..Emelogu Nigerian have shown their impatience on may 29 and that is why they sent Jonathan to otuoke and berated the pdp forever!

  • Ify Onabu

    Be not deceived…change has only started..

  • davs

    our problems in Nigeria — is lack of patient and high expectation of overnight miracle
    — all we needed now is to give President Buhari — our greatest support and
    understanding — many things has gone wrong before now — mine is whoever
    that’s there — let give him our support — before the election I oppose Gen.
    Buhari .. against .. Jonathan..…but since the Almighty has put him on that seat
    — He (Almighty) has purpose for that — and– I believe is for good for our Nation
    Nigeria…..the question I want (or) expect every one of us to ask our self is ‘’what
    will I contribute (or) how do I contribute to support this government headed by Buhari for the progress of this our great Nation Nigeria and not the other way
    round — My dear brothers and Sisters — let us show understanding and pray
    for the success of his government which is the success of Nigeria —– thank you for your support…..

  • New Nigerian

    Every body continues in a state of rest or if moving in a state of motion unless an external force is brought to bear on it – Newton’s second law of motion

    PDP spent 16 years to bring tremendous force to set up systemic corruption that transfers the commonwealth into the pocket of very few. Nothing was sparred. lack of electricity and other lacks are only by products of this evil forces. We the people know that it will take sustained force to begin to unwind the systemic corruption. The journey has started and has started very well. One Major change is that the supply route to the systemic corrupting forces through the presidency have ben cut off…there are others deeply embedded at every other apparatus of state – NASS, Judiciary, military, state, local government, MDAs, everywhere…it will take a while and the forces for good for the masses are busy at work – even as those forces are fighting hard to “safeguard” their loots. So to Nigerians, there is light at the end of the tunnel and thank God we can all believe that.

  • Blonde Johnny Bass

    Please remember that all this EFCC arrest are all face dressing, both men arrested will walk away free of all charges and even paid. Sheriff is an inlaw to Buhari so tell me who is fooling who?