Biafra today is not about war, but  freedom of expression, says Ugwu-Oju

Ugwu - Oju

Ugwu – Oju

President of South East, South-South Professionals (SESSP), Mr. Emeka Ugwu-Oju believes that a lot of people are “misreading the script on Biafra,” as the protest is not a call for war or secession. He also spoke on how to develop the economy of the South East in this interview with Kodilinye Obiagwu, South East Bureau Chief. Excerpts:
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  • PolyGon2013

    All of a sudden, they are backing out. They are all coward. Just get your Biafra. My advice to BIM, IPOB is to recall all of their governors, legislators, etc in SE. And if they refuse, they should either kill them all or vote them out. Float another party that is sympathetic to the cause of Biafra. Biafra needs to go. Apparently, they are beginning to see that majority of SS do not want any part of Biafra, with the few ibos among them. Even among those few one, majority of them do not want any part of Biafra. ibos are trying to blackmail Buhari. They did everything to smear Buhari. They should just leave Nigeria and spare us their headaches.

    • Darlington

      Why are you so obsessed with the name Biafra? The fear for Biafra restoration is the beginning of wisdom for people like you. If you are banking on the support of non-Igbo Biafrans in the South-South to defeat this struggle, you will be highly disappointed. I am Ijaw by tribe, Ijaws are more Biafra than Igbos. Evil agents of divide and rule like you cannot divide us again. The last election separated our brothers from enemies. The result of REFERENDUM on Biafra will shock ungrateful parasites like you. The name Biafra originated from Bight of Biafra which is located along coastal line of Rivers, Bayelsa, Cross River states. You cant speak for us. On Biafra we stand! Pls google for history of Biafra.

      • PolyGon2013

        I’m not obsessed. Just go instead of writing on papers daily.

    • Chi

      The fallacy of Biafra became more obvious when the meeting of Igbo politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen and intellectuals to deliberate on the pro Biafran protests, had no single SS or non Igbo ethnic representation.
      Beyond the misguided, poor, unemployed and their con artist leaders, Igbo’s in the majority are not for Biafra. This is why Kanu shies away from calling for a referendum

    • Chukxharry

      You are a fit inmate for the psychiatry!I can understand your ravings and rantings,because where you’re coming from is obvious!Your permutation of myths,not facts,is a product of your wild imagination.You may be entitled to your own opinion,but not your own facts!So stop deceiving yourself and getting things twisted!

    • Ralf

      Biafra is your death bas tard…U are very pathetic. ..U hv shown tht u dnt hv brains at all fool…Son of a filthy ashawo mother

    • TKBaba

      Igbo have used the BIAFRA Project to deny Igbo what they truly deserve in Nigeria.