Acquiring real life business skills through chairman’s empire game

By Ujunwa Atueyi |   12 July 2018   |   3:24 am  

Ima Agunbiade-Etiebet

With the country’s unemployment statistics still rising, Chief Executive Officer of HIIMA International Education Services, Dr. Ima Agunbiade-Etiebet, has posited that the situation could be remedied through an exciting and absorbing business education board game known as “The Chairman’s Empire Board Game.”

Interacting with reporters recently on the concept of the game, Agunbiade-Etiebet, said it was introduced after several years of research to teach students and budding entrepreneurs the principles of economics.

Not only that, it is targeted at inculcating the entrepreneurship spirit in children aged seven and above, as it excites their young brains, enables them interact with their peers thereby building self confidence, social skills and a sense of responsibility.


It also teaches financial discipline, planning and management and helps players develop entrepreneurial, creative and innovative mindset to see possibilities and opportunities.

According to her, “Our modern day reality shows that job opportunities are drying up, that is why you see many graduates still roaming the streets in search of jobs many years after graduation.

A child brought up with the idea that he could establish and run a business of his own may just have his mind attuned to being his own boss after his university education, instead of searching for non-existent jobs.

“The game could be played by two or more people who have fun playing at the rudiments of running a virtual business organisation, with the aim of building a vast business empire where he becomes The Chairman!

The game has its own central bank where players could obtain credit facilities and every sector of the economy as areas of investment. The game is quite educative and is very challenging for both experienced entrepreneurs and beginners.

She continued, “The Chairman’s Empire board game was created to enable players catch up with the ever evolving business world, a highly engulfing and educative game in business practice designed as a veritable guide to real life business operations.

It helps the players to understand the dynamics of business, including the relationships between the buyers and the sellers.”

Explaining that it is a must have for every family, young and old, Agunbiade-Etiebet, who is also a lawyer said the game affords players opportunity to learn business tactics and strategic thinking and the fundamentals of maintaining a healthy cash flow in order to avoid bankruptcy.


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